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Making a Killing in the Green Zone at Expense of U.S.

American war makers don't call it the "Green" Zone for nothing .


By Pat Shannan

When Bush took over in 2000, the national debt was $5,674 billion. However, since Sept. 29, 2006, the debt has increased by $1.6 billion per day. Making matters worse, the cost of the Iraq war is bleeding America to death. Bush finances it with high-interest “payday” loans, selling Treasury bills to China—which now holds $4 trillion in IOUs. Your personal debt load is $31,100.53. You indirectly pay for the neo-con war every time you pay for gas, electricity, food and every other commodity that has increased in price. By the time Bush leaves office the national debt will be a staggering $10 trillion.

American Free Press warned America what would happen—even before Operation Iraq Liberation (OIL). Two years ago, AFP first reported on plans for the Green Zone, the “Emerald City” of the New World Order’s Mideast empire. Now it appears these greedy madmen named their project “green” as a sick “inside joke”: they planned to line their pockets with endless payoffs of greenish Federal Reserve notes.

In 2003, after “Mission Accomplished,” the Federal Reserve sent over $4 billion in cash to Iraq. It loaded tons of U.S. dollars onto palettes and flew them on military aircraft to the Green Zone—where it promptly disappeared down a black hole and into unknown pockets.

The first estimate to reconstruct Iraq’s infrastructure—after “we” destroyed it—was $2.4 billion. Actual costs quickly jumped to $30 billion and have been rising ever since. After several years, less than 10 percent of the needed work was done. No-bid “sweetheart” contracts. “Cost plus,” with no incentive to save; U.S. companies charged millions for what Iraqi companies would do for thousands; U.S. contract workers paid $60,000 and far more. Money unaccounted for: $18 billion.

According to investigative journalist and author T. Christian Miller, in his book, Blood Money: Wasted Billions, Lost Lives, and Corporate Greed in Iraq, contractors boasted they could steal the taxpayers blind; it was “open season” on your money.

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