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China Gets ‘Gold Medal’ For Covering Up Animal, Human Rights Abuses At 2008 Olympic Games


By Victor Thorn

Chinese restaurants carry at least 20 different dog dishes, with “fried long dog tails” being the latest craze among upscale Beijing yuppies. The market is so substantial that—similar to Burger King in America—there’s an outfit in China called Dog Meat King whose specialty is self-explanatory.

Researchers have published gruesome photographs of dead dogs being hung from hooks in meat lockers, while others showed butchers slitting dogs’ throats to drain the blood. Usually, Chinese diners prefer to eat puppies between the ages of 6-12 months because they are most tender. Over 300,000 dogs are slaughtered nationwide, many of them processed into a garish type of stew.

Some restaurants submerge live dogs in boiling water and pull their skin from the carcass in one swift motion. Other chefs will gut a dog from throat to stomach; then hold the “prize” aloft by the tail in front of their clients before cooking it. Many of those slaughtered are actually family pets (with collars still intact) that are stolen by poachers and transported in trucks without food or water.

After being pulled from their cages, videotaped footage shows them being brutalized with knives and clubs, or having their heads smashed on the ground to stun them. Ted Kerasole of Salon magazine describes the helpless dogs being gutted, strung aloft by wires, then skinned alive—a torturous process that takes up to seven minutes.

In China, dog meat is considered a delicacy that purportedly increases one’s sexual prowess and “warms their blood.” Another two million dogs and cats are murdered each year to supplement the international fur trade. Yes, felines are also eaten in China, as well as monkey brains and bird eyes.

London’s Daily Telegraph reported on the vile practice of fetal cannibalism—the eating of aborted children.

Hong Kong’s weekly Next Magazine reports, “Infant corpses and fetuses have become the newest supplements for health and beauty in China. Not only is the placenta considered a beauty remedy, but also aborted fetuses are much sought after delicacies.”

Other atrocities include women making soup out of placenta and sliced up male fetuses; doctors in a Shenzhen hospital eating aborted babies after performing the surgeries that killed them; and Chinese performance artist Zhu Yu, who devours aborted corpses live on stage. A female physician at the Lun Hu Clinic in Hubei relates her particular practices.

“I wash them with clear water until they look transparent white and then stew them. Making soup is best. Fetuses are very smelly and not everybody can take the smell. You can also make meat cakes by mixing fetuses with minced meat, but you have to add more

ginger and chives to get rid of the smell.”

Compulsory abortions are well documented (7,000 per year at one hospital in Shenzhen alone), as is the case of 25-year-old Wang Liping of Zhengzhou City. Unmarried and seven months pregnant, she was forcibly apprehended on the street; taken without consent to a “family planning office” where nurses and doctors tied her to a gurney. According to Feng Changle of the Epoch Times, while Liping pleaded to be released, the medical team “beat her, stripped off her pants, and injected a syringe of drugs into her abdominal area.” After experiencing violent pain, she awoke to be told that her baby was dead.

A person rifling through the garbage on the outskirts of Jiuquan City in the Suzhou region found dismembered babies in a dumpster. There were two heads, two torsos, four arms, and six legs. These corpses were no more than a week old, and had been dismembered after cooking. A male fetus can sell for $300 on the streets.

Human rights organizations have long chronicled how prisoners in China immersed in pools of raw sewage, zapped with electric shock batons, burnt with cigarettes, beaten with sticks, and deprived of sleep.

When activist He Depu was charged with being pro-democracy authorities strapped him to a bed in an unheated solitary confinement cell for 85 days, which he described as akin to being “killed with a soft knife.”

There are also mobile execution vans known as “death wagons” that, as reported by The Asia Times, are “officially sanctioned roaming death squads, which simply allow China to execute its prisoners quickly, easily and out of the public eye.”

There is little supervision of prisoners once they’ve been executed in these mobile death wagons, so the organs are quickly extracted by medical personnel and shipped directly to hospitals. Amnesty International’s statistics sum it up best.

“About 90 percent of transplanted kidneys come from these executed prisoners.” If they want the liver, kidney, or heart, they’ll shoot a prisoner in the head; if they seek his corneas, a bullet is aimed at the chest.

Parents have been notifying media outlets that their children are being kidnapped and placed in forced labor factories, oftentimes under extremely uncivilized conditions. As MSNBC reported, the youngsters “were forced to work long hours on poor food. Dogs were used to prevent them from escaping.”

Other  teenage slave laborers were starved, beaten, found with first-degree burns, or their skin was rubbed raw to the bone. MSNBC continued, “More than 20,000 police were deployed in Shanxi alone to raid suspected illegal workplaces.”

Victor Thorn is a freelance journalist based in Pennsylvania. Victor Thorn is a freelance journalist based in Pennsylvania. He is the  author of numerous books about the New World Order and 9-11. These books include: New World Order Exposed; New World Order Illusion; 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Connection to 9-11; 9-11 on Trial; 9-11 Exposed and AFP’s Phantom Flight 93 and Other Astounding 9-11 Mysteries Explored. All are available from FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS at 202-547-5585. Thorn was, along with Lisa Guliani, a founder of the WINGTV Network.

(Issue # 36, September 8, 2008)

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