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China Works Methodically to Attain Superpower Status


By John Tiffany

The Chinese have created an empire with their conquest of Tibet and parts of Turkestan, and clearly have designs on other territories, starting with their claims to the possibly oil-rich South China Sea. They have been raising their war making budget (let us not be so unrealistic as to euphemistically call it a “defense” budget) by an average of 17 percent per year for several years now, buying up the latest Russian attack fighter planes, helicopter aircraft carriers and other offensive weapons used to project power and spread intimidation.

And why else is China creating a giant copy of the elite U.S. Marine Corps, if not to land troops on foreign beaches, starting, perhaps, with Taiwan’s? China has never had marines in the past—a form of military that has no role in defense but is purely offensive in nature.

Meanwhile we have seen the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), which is the merchant marine arm of the Chinese navy, taking over the vital-to-America Panama Canal, basically given away to this hostile power by the Carter administration in 1978. Our ability to move our Atlantic fleet and to supply our Pacific fleet has been completely compromised.

China has no conceivable legitimate interests in this part of the world, and her actions there, which include building missile silos, can only be seen as an attack on America. Remember when conservatives were concerned about Cuba as a Soviet ally, being located only 90 miles from Florida? Who can forget the Cuban Missile Crisis of yesteryear, which nearly led to World War III?


China, with remarkably little fanfare, has established a huge transshipment center in Freeport, Bahamas, just off the Florida coast. There has been little word about this key event in the establishment press. But this vast complex contains some of the largest cranes in the world. There are hundreds if not thousands of Sealift containers—“semi” truck trailers—being stored there. What is in those containers—military hardware? The thinking man cannot help but be reminded of Diego Garcia, America’s forward deployment base in the Indian Ocean.

In the military realm, the easiest thing to move is troops. Harder to move is materiel. Troops can simply march onto a ship or airplane. Forklifts, cranes and manpower are needed to move supplies. By forward deploying its materiel, a military power is logistically about half a battle ahead of the game.

Furthermore, Freeport is by no means the only position for possible Chinese forward-deployment stocks. There are reports of COSCO ships unloading in Mexico and Canada. Worse, they even have several ports inside the U.S.

A few years back you may have read of a shipment in a Sealift container that came into Long Beach, California. Surprisingly, this happened to be intercepted, and it turned out to be loaded with AK-47s and other machineguns, grenades and explosives.

We were told it was probably being smuggled in to supply “street gangs.” Only a fool would believe this shipment was intended for mere hoodlums, who do not even prefer such forms of weaponry. And we may never know how many other similar shipments have come into America without being detected or intercepted. Can the Chinese army now come into our country and arm themselves after their arrival from pre-positioned arsenals?

Where are America’s intelligence agencies? Are they asleep at the switch? Or betraying us, as usual? China’s efforts in space are headquartered in remote Inner Mangolia.

Rep. Tom Feeny (R-Fla.) is one of the few U.S. officials ever permitted to tour the area. “If you were building a facility to launch rockets, you’d do it the Chinese way,” he says. The facility can launch two ICBMs at a time every 60 seconds.


To understand what is happening today, says Paul Craig Roberts, one must understand certain tenets of modern warfare as perfected by communist military thinkers. These include:

Infiltrate the enemy country with advance forces and spies;

Pre-position supplies close to the anticipated battleground;

Destroy the enemy’s will to resist;

Destroy the enemy population’s morals and morale;

Sow confusion among the enemy population;

Cut lines of communication and/or control all information and media outlets;

Create diversions;

Destroy the enemy’s ability to wage war;

Reduce or destroy the enemy’s military bases;

Strike only when ready and when the enemy is at his weakest;

Attack on many fronts.

How many of these have already been implemented by China against America?

China until the mid-1970s was a second-rate military power, whose only real strength lay in sheer numbers of human cannon fodder. (You will recall her human-wave attacks in Korea and Vietnam.) At that time, she was mainly a threat to her neighbors. But over the past few decades, she has transformed herself into a modern, well-equipped military, ready to do battle on a global scale.


With at least 2,000 years of statecraft to guide her (leaving aside occasional bouts of insanity among her top leaders), China knows how to be insidious. Unlike the Russians, she has built up her modern military very quietly, seeking not to draw attention to her efforts.

The Chinese leaders have never wavered from their goal of destroying America and any real allies we still have (Israel not being included). And Americans have helped them toward that goal by buying Chinese products, often made by Chinese political prisoner slaves, Chinese peons (who are little better off than slaves), and the Chinese People’s Army.

Here are some recent events that have strengthened China’s military position while weakening America’s ability to resist:

The giveaway under President Jimmy Carter of the Panama Canal. China now has total control of who uses it, what ships can come and go, and who can disembark from those ships in Panama (such as Chinese males of military age, who can disappear into the hinterlands and later surface in Mexico, our southern border).

President Bill Clinton gave China “most favored nation” trading status, opening our markets to slave-made goods, which of course destroyed many American companies and cost the United States untold thousands of jobs, an ongoing disaster. At the same time we turned our back on longtime ally Taiwan to appease the Reds.

Aside from the above military facts, China even now has a dominant financial status over the United States. The chronic imbalance of payments between the U.S. and China, with billions of dollars profit for China, has resulted in huge Chinese investments in American assets, such as buildings, factories and who knows what? If China were to suddenly dump the securities and all its holdings on the markets, the economic structure of this country would collapse.

John Tiffany is the copy editor for American Free Press. He is also the assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) historical magazine. For a sample copy of  TBR (editor’s choice) send $3 to TBR, P.O. Box 15877, Washington, D.C. 20003.

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(Issue # 40, October 6, 2008)

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