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‘Creature’ Author Schools America on Fed


By Pat Shannan

When Fox News commentator Glenn Beck had author G. Edward Griffin as his TV guest on March 25, millions of Americans saw and heard a scathing, hour-long report that contained not one good and encouraging thing about the Federal Reserve System. But the question is: Why expose the crimes now that have been protected for a century? Moreover, why would “the system” use its decidedly phony conservative shill, Beck, to suddenly expose the fraud in the banking system by interviewing one whose truth-telling has been ignored and avoided by the mainstream media for decades? Is the Fed finally about to become history?

The money powers will never surrender voluntarily, and the only apparent motive (from their perspective) for dismantling America’s current central bank, the Fed, would be to replace it with a similar system with the same owners, under another name, issuing a new currency for the world.

Since the death of Eustace Mullins, premier critic of the Fed,  Griffin—author of The Creaure from Jekyll Island—has achieved the unofficial status as the “elder statesman of the monetary realists.” He and Beck gave a seminar on the deceptive history of the Fed dating to its secret founding by the financial elite at Jekyll Island, Ga.

Never disagreeing on anything, particularly the century-long sham this act perpetrated on the American people, Griffin and Beck pointed out that following a few failed attempts under various disguises, the Federal Reserve Act was finally passed on Dec. 23, 1913, mainly through the efforts of Virginia Rep. Carter Glass, a puppet of the bankers.

When asked about the high level of secrecy surrounding the Jekyll Island, 1910 meeting (to which such recognizable faces as Sen. Nelson Aldrich, a Rockefeller in-law, and banker J.P. Morgan

traveled under false names), Griffin explained that the public was prevented from knowing that the so-called solution was being supplied by “these same guys” who had created the nation’s financial problems in the first place.


When the first Federal Reserve bank was established in 1914, the people were assured that there would always be enough gold in the treasury to redeem whatever notes were put into circulation, but it was a lie. There was never more than 40 percent on hand, and the percentage dwindled from there to what Griffin says is now nothing. The gold has disappeared.
He told Beck emphatically: “There’s no gold in Fort Knox. If they had it, they would show it.”

Griffin referred to the Fed as a “ponzi scheme” that can work only as long as they keep expanding the money supply, adding, “Lying is all they know how to do. [Fed Chairman] Ben Bernanke says, ‘We’re not printing money, we’re digitizing it,’” Griffin added, with a what’s the difference look on his face.

According to Griffin, the 2 percent to 3 percent published inflation rate is another lie, and the real rate is more like 20 percent, because, he reasoned, gold has always been the yardstick, and that 20 percent is its rate of increase in paper “dollar” cost.

In late March, the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve was forced to disgorge tens of thousands of pages of documents detailing secret loans that were made to financial institutions. The disclosure came as a result of a Supreme Court ruling in a case brought by two reporters for the New York based Bloomberg News. Early reports indicate that foreign banks were some of the biggest beneficiaries of the U.S. central bank’s easy money policy, showing that the Fed was not only busy bailing out American bankers, but also foreign bankers such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, Germany’s Commerzbank and France’s Societe Generale. As AFP continues to pore over the document dump, look for a detailed story in the April 18 edition.

Suggested reading: For more on the manipulation of America’s money throughout U.S. history, we recommend Out of Debt; Out of Danger by Rep. Jerry Voorhis (DCa.). Softcover, 234 pages, $20 plus $3 S&H from AFP, 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, #100, Washington, D.C. 20003. Call toll free 1-888-699-6397 to charge.

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(Issue # 15, April 11, 2011)

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