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Zionist Michael Medved tries to ruin this populist newspaper and Texas rep.


An Open Letter to Neocon Mouthpiece Michael Medved From AFP Correspondent Michael Collins Piper:

Dear Mr. Medved:

On one of your recent radio broadcasts over the Salem Radio network, you twice made the false and malicious allegation that American Free Press is “the voice of the American Nazi Party.”

I will not belabor the matter by going to any effort to refute this outrageous lie—and that is precisely what it is—because I know that you know that it is a lie.

You made this charge in the context of an equally invidious attack on Congressman Ron Paul whose weekly Internet column is republished from his congressional website each week as a public service by American Free Press.

You know full well that the congressman does not “contribute” this column to AFP just as you and others who have made this charge know full well that AFP does not pay Congressman Paul for the use of his column, nor do we contribute financially to his presidential candidacy.

Unfortunately, your vicious lies have been picked up and repeated by other nationally syndicated columnists, such as Mona Charen, and have been given widespread distribution on the Internet.

Many people believe your fabrications. These lies are damaging not only to American Free Press but also to Ron Paul and to all good Americans who support our newspaper and who support Ron Paul.

While you promote yourself as a “lovable conservative curmudgeon” who is a voice for American patriots, history shows that you are no more than another propagandist for the so-called “ex-Communists” who are now posturing as “neo-conservatives.”

Your evil works are contributing to the demise of our American Constitutional Republic and are harmful to America’s position in the world today. In my personal estimation, Mr. Medved, you are a traitor.

Although any impartial, honest jury would certainly find your allegation that American Free Press is “the voice of the American Nazi Party” to be libelous and damaging, we here at AFP recognize the futility of trying to get the case before a jury, considering the nature of the American court system today.

Therefore, we are takingmatters into our own hands. Rest assured that in the weeks and months ahead we fully intend to bring your ugly record to the attention of as many good Americans as possible and, once and for all, put an end to the conspiratorial aims of you and your corrupt neo-conservative cronies before your agenda brings the world to destruction.

And, by the way, should you be willing to discuss your allegations publicly in an open forum, this is my invitation to you to join me on my nightly radio talk forum on the Republic Broadcasting Network at on the Internet. The show is broadcast from 8:00 pm to 9:00 p.m. weeknights.

If you are so confident in your assertions, why not come aboard? I’ll be waiting to hear from you.


Michael Collins Piper
AFP Correspondent

(Issue #52, December 24, 2007)

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