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Growing Movement Seeks to End the Fed 

National “End the Fed” day of protest calls for sound monetary policy and an end to bailouts


By Mark Anderson

On Nov. 22, recognizing the secretive conception of the Federal Reserve System in this 95th year since its creation, a growing movement of citizens concerned with this country’s fiscal policies will gather in 39 cities nationwide at each Federal Reserve location to demand an end to the Fed, a return to sound monetary policy, and an end to corporate bailouts. 

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In Washington, DC, they will gather across the street from “Fed Central”—the Board of Governors building—at 20th Street and Constitution Avenue at 1 p.m. Denied a permit to protest on Federal Reserve grounds by the Fed’s Public Affairs Office on the basis that it is private property, the rally, with a stage and amplification system, will be held across the street with a permit granted by the Parks Department. National coordination is being provided by Aaron Russo’s Restore the Republic ( and more information can be found at

Speakers will include Gary Franchi of Restore the Republic to discuss his organizational plans for furthering this issue and the duty of all patriotic Americans to get involved. Kevin Zeese, former US Senate candidate, current executive director of Break the Bailout, will talk about building a broad coalition to stop further “theft from the taxpayers.” Tony Teolis, veteran of the first gulf war, member of Veterans for Peace will show how the Fed is the primary enabler of our destructive interventionist foreign policy. Rick Williams is a founder of BreakTheMatrix, and serves as chairman and chief executive officer of Basic Media, Inc.

This writer, American Free Press corresponding editor Mark Anderson, also is expected to make brief remarks on media treatment of the Fed and the economic insights and solutions the media ignore.

From the Center for Economic and Social Justice, Norman G. Kurland, president of the board of directors, and former Congressman, the Hon. Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy, will outline an alternative just economic system; and Paul-Martin Foss, legislative assistant to Congressman Ron Paul, will explain pending legislation H.R. 2755 and what the movement can do to support it.

Organizer Debbie Krueger is a former Marine, and a mother of five, living in Delaware. She was a real estate agent when she witnessed the bottom dropping out of the housing markets across the country, and decided something needed to be done. Her research led her to the conclusion that the Federal Reserve System is at the heart of the crisis. “I am devoting my time to help shed light on the Federal Reserve, and to find solutions that will bring us back to financial policies that will benefit Americans the most.”

Jordan Page, co-organizer and performer for the rally Jordan Page, is a young poet, singer/songwriter, guitarist, political activist, and social commentator who has become an outspoken voice promoting freedom and liberty. The hyper-inflation of American currency, the funding of worldwide interventionist military policies, the unconstitutional income tax, the recent bailout, and the engineered economic depressions the Fed causes have all motivated Jordan’s involvement in this most historic citizens’ movement. “Please stand up for the Constitution on Nov. 22 and help us to support HR 2755 calling for the abolition of the Federal Reserve,” he said.

Adam Kokesh will serve as master of ceremonies at the rally. He is from Santa Fe, NM and served in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. He has been a vocal critic of the war since leaving the US Marines. He has continued to honor his oath to support and defend the Constitution by taking on those he sees as its “domestic enemies,” especially the Federal Reserve System. He has also advocated various forms of nonviolent resistance including not paying taxes. “As long as the Federal Reserve System has the power to create money from nothing, the individual income tax is nothing more than a means to oppress and enslave the American people. As with all forms of tyranny, Americans have a duty to resist this injustice.”

Those wanting more information can contact:

Debbie Krueger, phone: 302.670.7198, emial:
Jordan Page phone: 410.310.4528, email:
Adam Kokesh phone: 505.470.1917, email


Mark Anderson is the corresponding editor for American Free Press.

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