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Alcohol-Based Motor Fuels a High-Octane Energy Solution


By Ralph Forbes

The Establishment media never question the falsehoods contrived to deceive us from regaining our sovereignty, and that includes energy independence.

Offshore oil wells produce 2,025,000 barrels per day, 37 percent of all U.S. oil production. We are told we cannot survive without expensive rigs drilling deep into the Earth, often a mile or more under sea level—no matter what the costs or risks.

So our ruling class bleats the same chant: “Drill baby, drill.” But is there no other choice?

Every day America’s alcohol industry produces more than 600,000 barrels—more than three times the barrels of crude extracted from the Gulf of Mexico’s undersea wells. If we used the reserve capacity of existing alcohol plants, we could shut off all the gulf wells and not miss a drop.

Alcohol is a superior fuel to gasoline. It’s 105 octane, burns much cooler with less vibration, is less flammable, is 98 percent pollution-free, has lower evaporative emissions and deposits no carbon in the engine or oil, resulting in a tripling of engine life. Specialized alcohol engines can get at least 22 percent better mileage than gasoline or diesel.

Yet, no “responsible” media mention alcohol as a solution to the energy problem. The oil industry fosters lies about alcohol, because once Americans know the facts, their multibillion-dollar enterprise will be as extinct as the swampfuls of prehistoric plant and animal life they claim are the source of the gunk they peddle to us.


Let’s not forget oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller. Wasn’t he a “good Christian philanthropist” who donated $60 million in today’s dollars to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union to adopt the 18th Amendment to prohibit alcohol in the U.S.?

Before Prohibition, Standard Oil had an expensive problem: how to dispose of their refineries’ dangerous byproduct, gasoline. Henry Ford’s Model T was the original “flex fuel” car, designed to run on farm-made ethyl alcohol. But by the time the 18th Amendment (1919-1933) was repealed, homemade alcohol had been replaced by gasoline.

When gasoline became more than $4 per gallon, the costs of corn-based alcohol were much less. So, speculators artificially raised the price of grain, hurting millions worldwide, while whining, “People will starve if we turn grain into alcohol.”

Alcohol can be made from virtually any plant matter, including cellulose. There are a host of plants far better than corn. Examples include agave (“century plant” cactus), which produces 2,000 gallons of distilled alcohol per acre, per year, on desert land, needing no fertilizer and no irrigation. Even our lawn clippings could replace a third of the auto fuel we get from the Mideast.

Corn is only used because Archer Daniels Midland used its clout to get Congress to subsidize corn-based ethanol with tax dollars.

These same “people-will-starve” propagandists for Big Oil haven’t shed a tear over the destruction of the vast quantities of gulf seafood—and the financial devastation of those hardworking Americans who used to harvest
this bounty—due to greedy pushers of “crude.”

While the U.S. and most of the world stagger under the burden of the central bankers’ debt-yoke, Brazil is basking in an economic boom because 90 percent of its cars run on alcohol, grown on 1 percent of its land. A return to infinitely renewable alcohol-based fuel would revitalize our economy and free us from dependence on foreign oil and the dangers of Mideast politics. Sweden is on track to have fully alcohol-based vehicles in four years. If the vested interests, Big Oil and Big Banks, their politicians and the controlled media would get out of our way, America could become a prosperous land once again, with much cleaner air and waters.

Oil is not the future; therefore, suppressed energy sources must be harnessed. And right now, Americans are saving on fuel costs—and earning profits providing superior alcohol fuel to their neighbors. You can, too.

Ralph Forbes is a freelance writer based in Arkansas.

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(Issue # 28, July 12, 2010)

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