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Liberal Foundations Undermine America, Subvert Democracy

Tax-exempt Foundations Promoting Dangerous NewWorld Order Agenda


By Fred Lingel

The 90th birthday celebration of Nelson Mandela—longtime leader of the communist-backed revolutionary African National Congress—has brought the ever-controversial issue of the power and intrigues of tax-exempt foundations back into focus.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is engaging in a broad-ranging public relations campaign highlighting its work. Here in the United States, the American affiliate of the foundation, known as the Friends of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, is reveling in the publicity—and the donations—that are pouring in.

Many Americans consider Mandela a global icon, a freedom fighter, a monumental figure in world history whose followers destroyed the hated apartheid regime in South Africa.

In contrast, many other Americans consider Mandela a symbol of the bankrupt and hated communist philosophy, a genuine terrorist who was trafficking in violence and murder long before anyone ever heard the dreaded term “9-11.”

But what all of these Americans have in common is that—whether or not they actually make donations to the Mandela foundation’s American affiliate—their tax dollars do subsidize the work of the foundation.

Under the 501(c)(3) rules instituted by the Internal Revenue Service, any American taxpayer who donates to the Friends of the Nelson Mandela Foundation can take a tax credit for the amount of that donation—and that means, then, that all other American taxpayers are helping underwrite the work of the foundation.

In addition, there are other American-based foundations, such as the Ford Foundation and the Charles Stewart Mott foundation, that are giving their own money (which comes in tax-exempt donations) to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

And while many American “conservatives”—who consider themselves to be anti-communists—absolutely adore billionaire publisher Rupert Murdoch whose Fox News and Weekly Standard magazine help set the agenda for Republican Party thinking, through their own influence in GOP circles and think tanks, it turns out that Murdoch’s HarperCollins book publishing company is among the contributors to the foundation.

So even Americans who purchase books published by Harper Collins are actually donating to Mandela’s foundation by patronizing Murdoch’s enterprises.

The tax exempt benefits enjoyed by the Mandela foundation are also enjoyed by many other tax exempt foundations, such as the aforementioned Ford Foundation and a variety of others, notably the powerful Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Rand Corporation.

And while one would think that these foundations might be “rivals,” the record shows that, in one instance, when the chairman of the Rand Corporation was also the president of the Ford Foundation, Ford gave a million dollar donation to Rand.

In many instances, these various foundations share an interlocking directorate, indicating that they are anything but rivals. They are all an integral part of the hidden shadow elite, using their lucrative grant-making powers

to influence a wide variety of other public policy organizations and shape local, state and international affairs as a consequence.

In addition, a careful review of these powerful foundations demonstrates that they have historically worked in close conjunction with the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), with many key foundation officials serving as CFR members.

Although historically perceived—to the extent that its work has been publicly recognized—as an arm of the Rockefeller family, the truth is that the CFR has always been no more than an American off-shoot of the London-based Royal Institute for International Affairs, which, despite its name, is not a British government agency.

Rather, it is the de facto foreign policy arm of the global Rothschild banking empire based in “The City of London” which—again, despite its name—is not the geographic locale which constitutes the capital of England but, instead, is an independent entity inside London where the Rothschild empire operates: a financial center of historically unparalleled influence whose tentacles thus reach onto American shores through the CFR and the related foundations and think tanks.

As far back as the 1950s, Congress investigated the tax exempt foundations under a special committee convened by Rep. B. Carroll Reece (R-Tenn.) and concluded in its report that these foundations, operating both independently and in league with one another, have engaged in a carefully coordinated effort to undermine America’s free enterprise system, traditional culture and national sovereignty. The foundations are indeed a driving force behind the agenda of what is generally referred to as the New World Order.

A new book by Phil Kent, Foundations of Betrayal: How the Liberal Super-Rich Undermine America, explores some of the depravities of these foundations.

Kent’s book strips the hide off America’s “charitable” beast within and exposes the foundations for what they are: political battering rams hiding under the banner of charity.

The “invisible government” of these rich and powerful foundations and the groups they fund and the politicians who fawn over them tend to operate under a cloak of secrecy. But Kent’s book explains, in no uncertain terms, just what their agenda really is: and it has nothing to do with America or the interests of Americans, no matter how “nice” their programs sound.

Fortunately, there is at least one tax exempt foundation that genuine American patriots can support: FOUNDATION TO DEFEND THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

Donations to FDFA are—just like donations to the internationalist foundations—entirely tax exempt and they go toward supporting the First Amendment freedoms that (still in existence, just barely) make it possible for independent newspapers like American Free Press to continue publishing. FDFA has been involved in a variety of good efforts over the years.

For more about how you can help this American institution that places America first, click here.

(Issue # 33, August 18, 2008)

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