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Homeowner Challenges Corrupt Courts, Debt System


By Mark Anderson

Virginia homeowner Dave Albin could hardly believe his eyes and ears during a Shenandoah County court hearing on Sept. 24, 2010, when Circuit Judge Dennis Hupp reportedly “completely railroaded” him.

For one thing, Albin has maintained that Hupp “conspired with the attorneys” by allowing them to sign a deed on behalf of Albin and his wife Stasia without their knowledge or consent. Mrs. Albin has never been a party to the mortgage contract and had never signed a deed of trust to that effect, but since she was named as a co-defendant, the attorneys needed it to appear as if they had their “paperwork in order” for the lawsuit and foreclosure process, Albin explained.

Mr. Albin continued, alleging: "If not for the behind-the-scene actions of Judge Hupp in granting the ex parte motion, for which we did not receive proper notice, Stasia and I would have never been in the position we found ourselves in, defending our home in front of the same judge who first allowed them to forge our signatures, and now has denied [us] a jury to finally decide our case."


Moreover, the approximately four-hour hearing was abruptly cut short when the judge dismissed the jury. The shocked jurors, as Albin recalled in this exclusive interview, left the courtroom and looked at him with a bewildered gaze, hardly believing that an American judge would do this. A juror even approached a supporter of Albin’s and said: “Your friend is getting railroaded.”

The judge dismissed the five jurors right after they heard Albin emphasize the deception and fraud practiced in this case by government officials, attorneys and their partners in the field of banking—regarding Albin’s challenge of his mortgage “debt.”

Albin is among hundreds of people

that the Pennsylvania-based Citizens Reform Center (CRC) is assisting, trying to cancel what they describe as illegitimate debts—mainly credit cards and mortgages.

CRC leader and educator Mickey Paoletta, a noted Federal Reserve critic who is not an attorney, helps people at the grassroots level.

Paoletta has worked with Albin and other CRC members to help them study the nature of banking. In so doing, he unveils the long-guarded secrets of what actually happens when a bank makes a “loan,” which establishes the bases for eliminating fraudulent consumer debts.

Albin’s three-acre farm and residential home in Shenandoah County remain in foreclosure. Even the motion of summary judgment that Judge Hupp granted in favor of attorneys for the plaintiff, right after he dismissed the jury, had not been signed as of the morning of Sept. 29, as a court clerk informed Mrs. Albin.

Paoletta said such judgments cannot even be approved much less signed whenever “material facts” remain in dispute.

On the witness stand, “Dave raised several such facts that should have blocked the judge from doing this,” Paoletta said.

In five 2010 court hearings at the district and circuit levels, not once has the actual plaintiff, Deutschebank National Trust Co., attended a hearing, so Albin has never been allowed to face his accuser. Furthermore, the law firm never served a “Notice to Vacate” as required by Virginia law in order to foreclose, and the firm was not licensed to practice law in Virginia in line with State Corporation Commission requirements.

So, after being denied a complete jury trial—and receiving a required list of witnesses and exhibits against him after the deadline—Albin feels like “justice” is a joke.

Paoletta’s research shows that when a bank makes a “loan,” it does not risk its own money, nor does it loan depositors’ funds. It simply monetizes the signed loan contract, converting it into a negotiable instrument while entering the amount of the “loan” as mere “figures,” with interest attached, into a computer. A demand-deposit account is quietly created. Thus, Paoletta, based mainly on the Federal Reserve’s own publications and other banking manuals, says that modern loans are in essence fictitious.

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(Issue # 41, October 11, 2010)

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