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U.S. Intelligence Says Iran Abandoned Nuclear Weapons Aspirations in 2003


By Mark Glenn

The 16 most important organs within the U.S. intelligence released declassified portions of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) containing two explosive points:

“We judge that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program.…We assess with moderate confidence Tehran has not restarted its nuclear weapons program as of mid-2007.…

This report is a huge contradiction to everything that the Bush administration and the Jewish support groups that pull his strings have been saying for the last several years with regard to Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Immediately following 9-11, Bush labeled Iran as part of the “axis of evil” and warned that any day America would go up in a mushroom cloud. On an almost hourly basis since then, the world has been subjected to a seemingly inexhaustible amount of propaganda, from Bushites on the neocon talk radio circuit, warlords in Israel’s Knesset and all the various operatives working for Jewish interests here in the U.S., including Norman Podhoretz, Daniel Pipes, Michael Ledeen et al.

Now however, sanity seems to have gotten hold of at least a few in the intelligence community who recognize that the United States stands at the abyss and is faced with its own extinction in the event that the present Zionist-engineered war widens to include Iran.

The NIE is not just some “piece of paper,” as Bush is alleged to have said about the Constitution. According to the CIA (the organization charged with most of the nation’s intelligence analysis) the NIE is the most authoritative written judgment concerning a particular national security issue. Unlike current intelligence papers that describe the present, most NIEs forecast future developments and address their implications for the United States in terms of military, technological, economic and political trends.

The departments of Justice and Treasury, the National Security Agency and the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency contribute to the reports. It is the best that America’s best is capable of producing on actionable intelligence.

Bush, like a gambler who refuses to believe that his pair of kings can not beat his opponent’s royal flush, is not backing down. Having pulled a skunk out of the magic hat rather than a rabbit, his response is in effect that “Although Iran halted her program in 2003, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t start it back up again.”

Vice President Dick Cheney (who was reported trying to suppress the release of the NIE as far back as six months ago) and his people were quiet as church mice.

Both in Israel and the U.S., the blind supporters of the Jewish state and her mad agenda are howling with a mixture of panic and outrage.

From official circles such as Prime Minister Olmert and Defense Minister Barak, Israel has done everything except declare the report the product of a group of incompetent nincompoops. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni (despite her being quoted off-the-record recently saying that Iranian nuclear weapons do not pose an existential threat to Israel and that Olmert “exaggerated” the danger posed by an Iranian nuclear bomb) said of the NIE:

“The world cannot accept a nuclear Iran.…Tehran’s adamant pursuit

of a nuclear weapon has been proven and it is clear to all that it continues with its efforts to obtain this technology.”

In America, Israel and her supporters are doing everything except rend their robes in the same way the High Priest Caiaphas did before sentencing Jesus of Nazareth to die for opposing the Jewish supremacist agenda in His own day. They are using all the familiar charges of “appeasement” and “backing down from the duty of protecting the Jewish people” from annihilation at the hands of “the new Hitler,” Ahmadinejad.

The one thing they have not done yet is to allege the NIE’s analysis is all the result of “Islamo-Fascist” agents and spies who have penetrated America’s most sensitive intelligence agencies.

But these same intelligence agencies played an instrumental part in providing George Bush and his war machine with the necessary pretext for invading Iraq. The best answer is survival. The individuals and agencies charged with doing America’s intelligence work are privy to information that the most curious Americans could only dream of acquiring. They know well the unprecedented and irreversible disaster that will take place in the event America widens this war to include Iran. They see a nuclear armed Russia sitting next door and the fact that Putin and his “United Russia” party (elected with an overwhelming majority the day before the NIE was released) are wildly popular among the Russian people and will not be pushed around by America and Israel.

The authors of the NIE see a potential mutiny brewing in the U.S. military. One sign is a remark by Adm. William Fallon (commander of all forces in the Middle East tasked with any Iranian attack) that an attack on Iran would not take place under his watch. They see the dollar losing over 35% of its value since the war in Iraq began, and this is tied directly to world opinion of America’s increasing political instability.

The authors of the NIE are trying to prevent the last nail from being hammered into America’s coffin with an attack on Iran by those intent upon destroying what was the bastion of freedom and prosperity. Fear of losing one’s job does not begin to compare with the existential threat that would ensue from the future madness envisioned by the fanatical supporters of Zionism and thus they are willing to risk wrestling with a lion if it is the only chance of surviving the ordeal.

However, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” The madmen who are intent upon waging war against a billion and a half people in the Muslim world will not be deterred by a few inconvenient words written on a few pages by a few men working for a few intelligence agencies. The neocons who nurse an irrational fanaticism when it comes to Israel have demonstrated over and over that they will not be deterred.

What they wanted but were unable to achieve 40 years ago when they attacked (but failed to sink) the USS Liberty, they were able to achieve on Sept. 11, 2001, which was to bring America into Israel’s wars. Right now they have come closer to achieving what they have wanted these last 2,000 years and counting—worldwide domination—than ever before in history. They are desperate, and desperate men do desperate things.

Mark Glenn is a former schoolteacher fluent in several languages. His book, No Beauty in the Beast: Israel Without Her Mascara, can be ordered from TBR BOOK CLUB (call toll free 1-877-773-9077 to charge to Visa or MasterCard) for $28 ppd. See more from Glenn at

(Issue #51, December 17, 2007)

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