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Unofficial Leader of Boers in South Africa Murdered


By Monica Stone

The Easter weekend murder of Eugene Ney Terre’Blanche is not only a tragedy for those in South Africa who knew and loved him, but is deeply troubling to everyone because it shows the brutal direction in which the African National Congress’s (ANC) leadership is taking the country.

The circumstances surrounding his murder are, as one has come to expect in South Africa, a dense tissue of lies and media spin.

It has been reported that the murder was committed by two young black men who worked for him on his farm and were disgruntled about a wage dispute. The pair—one of them 21, the other barely 15 years old—allegedly called the police with Terre’Blanche’s cell phone to report their crime and turn themselves in. This is clearly nonsense. The pair was obviously promised immunity or rewards for their deed—if indeed they are guilty. Were they patsies? Why would two killers turn themselves in when they could have easily escaped unnoticed?

Reliable contacts in South Africa now reveal that the two weren’t even working for Terre’Blanche. Why was Terre’Blanche alone, when his usual modus operandi was to be accompanied by at least one bodyguard?

Why did President Jacob Zuma immediately call a press conference and beg for calm? Did he know that this deed would start a race war? Did he want to start a race war?


Why did Julius Malema—the leader of the ANC Youth League whose mantra is “Kill a Farmer! Kill a Boer!” (meaning a white man)—conveniently leave the country while the murder was taking place to discuss nationalization of land with Robert Mugabe? Why does Malema deny the ANC has anything to do with the murder?

These questions will never be addressed by the government lapdogs that pass for press in South Africa. No policeman in the employ of the government would risk his job or life by daring to tell the truth.

If Terre’Blanche’s grisly slaying is not to be in vain, the true culprits must be named. More than 3,000 farmers have died horrific deaths. These deaths have never been avenged, and the killers continue their cruelty.

Let Terre’Blanche’s death not become just another statistic. Whatever one thought of him, he was the most famous Boer in the world. He was the leader. His death indicates the end of the white tribe in Africa—unless the world’s attention can be captured by the true nature of the ANC and its reign of terror.

The Herstigte Nasionale Party (Reconstructed National Party) appointed a private detective to investigate this horrible murder. They need support. Send donations to: The Secretary, P.O. Box 1888, Pretoria 0001, South Africa. The address of the AWB (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) is P.O. Box 274, Ventersdorp 2710, South Africa.

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(Issue # 17, April 26, 2010)

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