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Midterms a Repudiation of Obama


By Victor Thorn

Not since the 1930s have voters so resoundingly rejected a president’s policies and agenda. More importantly, the midterm elections sent an even clearer message: Americans will no longer tolerate being subjugated by an elitist attitude in Washington, D.C., that demeans what they hold dearest, especially when it originates from their armed forces’ commander-in-chief.

In late October, President Barack Obama spoke of “punishing our enemies” if they disagreed with his stance on illegal immigration. He also compelled Attorney General Eric Holder to sue the state of Arizona for trying to seal their international border and enforce the laws, which already existed in their constitution. During campaign stops, Obama said that his opponents would be forced “to sit in the back of the bus.”

Such racially charged rhetoric is reminiscent of how his Department of Justice overturned a ruling against Black Panthers who had intimidated white voters at polling stations in 2008.

Further, after attending Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s black nationalist church for two decades and hearing him scream “God damn America!” along with race-baiting invectives, Obama lashed out at Caucasian police officers in Cambridge, Mass. by calling them “stupid.” This condescending attitude reflects his wife Michelle’s claim that she had never been proud of her country before Obama’s election.

Obama’s views followed a similar line when he sneered at traditional  citizens who “cling to their religion and guns.”

All of these positions led to the president’s goal of “fundamentally transforming America,” especially its culture and history. With an inherent belief that the state offers more solutions than do individuals, Obamacare flagrantly promises a “redistribution of wealth” to those whom he feels most entitled to receive it.

In response, the backlash and subsequent Democratic bloodbath reached directly into Obama’s backyard. Alexi Giannoulias, a handpicked candidate of Chicago’s political mob, lost the president’s former Senate seat in an embarrassing defeat.

In Ohio, Obama made 12 separate campaign stops, while Vice President Joe Biden visited seven times. Still, Democrats lost in a clean sweep, from the gubernatorial race to both houses of Congress. The same occurred in Pennsylvania, where Pat Toomey defeated Sen. Joe Sestak, who found himself in a pay-for-play scandal involving Arlen Specter and Bill Clinton.

Finally, similar to earlier 2009 humiliations in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts where every candidate that he supported lost, Obama only endorsed one individual running in a House race. But the Obama “kiss of death” continued, as Rep. Tom Perriello was sent packing by voters.


When Americans cast their ballots on Nov. 2, they clearly denounced a hollow platform of “hope and change” that didn’t reflect the values and principles they’d been raised with for generations.


Those affiliated with a host of different tea party organizations made their voices clear on Election Day: they wanted limited government, lower taxes and less heavy-handedness by representatives in D.C.

In California, 92 percent of the populace said they disapproved of their political leaders and the direction they were being led. However, despite teetering on the edge of bankruptcy due to rampant overspending and decades of liberal policies, voters still inexplicably elected career politicians Barbara Boxer to Congress, and Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown as governor. They now realistically face becoming the first “federalized” state after the nation’s taxpayers are forced to bail them out because they’re “too big to fail.”

In Nevada, a state racked by 14.5 percent unemployment and an unparalleled foreclosure crisis, union reps spearheaded the return of Harry Reid as a U.S. senator. This is the same political hack that engineered countless backroom deals to ensure the passage of Obamacare.

Connecticut voters didn’t seem to mind that another career politician, Richard Blumenthal, lied repeatedly about serving in Vietnam, even though he never saw a single day of combat. When asked about how jobs were created during a debate with professional wrestling executive Linda McMahon, Blumenthal couldn’t arrive at an answer. His lack of real-world experience was glaringly apparent as he feebly mumbled about government being the answer.

Next door in Massachusetts, the epitome of a bloated bureaucrat, Rep. Barney Frank, cruised to another victory in the House. Frank’s former boyfriend, a male hooker, was once exposed for running a prostitution ring
out of his basement. Frank also propped-up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; actions which led to the U.S. housing collapse and an economy that has yet to recover.

Almost laughably, 28 percent of voters in South Carolina gave the nod to Alvin Greene, a Democratic senatorial candidate who had been indicted recently for showing obscene photographs to a young college student last year.

This syndrome of being shamelessly out of touch with everyday citizens reaches all the way into our nation’s capital, where on Nov. 4 President Obama began a ten-day jaunt to India that will cost taxpayers $200 million per day. With a 3,000-person entourage that requires 40 jetliners, Obama’s party booked all 570 rooms in the luxurious Taj Mahal Hotel. Experts predict that despite the exorbitant expense, no “big results” will result from the trip.


Sarah Palin called them “mama grizzlies,” and tea party loyalists anticipated a sweep of GOP females through the corridors of Congress. To their dismay, though, the majority of these high-profile names fell short in their bids.

The most crushing defeat centered around Nevada’s Sharron Angle. As the candidate most closely associated with the Republican-backed tea party movement, Ms. Angle couldn’t muster enough support to unseat the decidedly weak Reid for his Senate seat. Millions of dollars from dual CEOs Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman weren’t sufficient in their bids to topple California’s powerful political machine. Like-wise, professional wrestling businesswoman Mrs. McMahon ran an impressive campaign that fell slightly short in ultra-liberal Connecticut.

Not surprisingly, Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell suffered from inexperience and a plethora of high-profile gaffes and couldn’t successfully grab Joe Biden’s former Senate seat.

On the other hand, Palin protégée Nikki Haley fended off vicious accusations of adultery to become South Carolina’s first lady governor. Other impressive gubernatorial victories included Susanna Martinez in New Mexico, Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration champion Jan Brewer (incumbent), and Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin. Another star-studded candidate and founder of the congressional Tea Party Caucus, Rep. Michele Bachmann, rolled to an easy win in Minnesota.

As for their male counterparts, Rand Paul deflected his opponent’s mud slinging in Kentucky to become his state’s junior senator. Paul vowed that his colleagues wouldn’t be changed by Washington, but instead the opposite would occur. Tea party members feel confident that a position of non-compromise on their principles will be upheld by Paul, son of Texas GOP Rep. Ron Paul.

Another tea party favorite is Marco Rubio, who battled not only a Democratic foe, but also former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist. Rubio, a Cuban- American, has been slated as a future potential presidential candidate. Some even whisper that this young neo-conservative could join Mrs. Palin as a possible running mate in 2012.

Republicans are well positioned for the upcoming presidential race for one specific reason: 10 states in the union flipped from Democratic to GOP governors.  Not only does this phenomenon roll out a red carpet in early primary states like South Carolina, but also these same governors are now in charge of redistricting their states following the 2010 census.

In other words, strong liberal precincts can be gerrymandered or split up to allow more conservative candidates a more favorable outcome.

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of many books on 9-11 and the New World Order. These include 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Role in 9-11 and Phantom Flight 93.

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(Issue # 46, November 15, 2010)

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