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By Victor Thorn

Across the United States, scenes of populist rebellion have been playing out all year. For instance, just before the midterm elections, angry taxpayers shouted down their elected representatives, accusing them of supporting the very policies that are ruining America.

In another, much more violent outburst, Clay Duke, a 56-year-old dissident, was pushed to the edge and opened fire at a Panama City, Fla. school board meeting before being shot and then taking his own life.

Prior to the onset of this rampage, Duke spraypainted a huge red “V” inside a circle on the conference room wall. This symbol originated from a 2006 pro-revolution movie V for Vendetta where the main character exacts revenge against a totalitarian government that used 9-11 style false-flag terrorist events to subjugate its citizenry.

In V for Vendetta, the revolutionary hero wears a Guy Fawkes mask, in honor of the man who attempted to blow up England’s House of Parliament in 1605 with a gunpowder-filled wagon. Although Fawkes was
arrested and hanged for treason, his memory lives on, especially in an immortal line from the movie: “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.”


Life appears to be imitating art, especially in 2010, as populist rebellions affected every part of the globe. In England, angry students physically assaulted politicians and stormed Parliament.Afterward, they attacked
a limousine carrying Prince Charles and his wife while chanting “off with their heads.”

The European Union’s much-vaunted model for consolidating future governance has seen its member states racked by chaos. Youths torched nearly 1,200 cars in France. Greece has seen a widespread uprising against governmental policies that are seen to benefit international bankers.Mayhem erupted in Italy following a no-confidence vote for Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Rioters also targeted Rome prior to Christmas. Similarly, Belfast witnessed Irish protesters lobbing petrol bombs, bottles and stones. The protests then turned violent: masked men blasted police officers with shotguns, killing three in the process.

Communist countries are faring no better. Red China has seen a spate of labor uprisings that have paralyzed production facilities for Honda and Toyota. In Russia, Moscow’s streets erupted with ethnic clashes unseen since the Soviet Union’s collapse.

Young nationalists feeling betrayed by an influx of foreigners chanted “Russia for Russians” as fires roared. Numerous other hot spots have also flared up. From South America to South Korea, citizens have angrily denounced their governments, sometimes even taking to the streets in heated demonstrations.

In V for Vendetta, after destroying a national monument, the protagonist takes over a government-controlled news agency and urges fellow citizens to rise up against tyranny. Commanding the airwaves, the film’s hero proclaims, “The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there?” Sound familiar?

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(Issue # 1 & 2, January 3 & 10, 2010)

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