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We’ve Said it Before


By Willis A. Carto

So now we are told that at least 92,000 documents bearing on America’s morbid Afghanistan adventure have been put on the Internet by people who have the strange idea that as taxpayers and blood donors they should know what their alien federal government is doing to them.

What’s that? Do you believe America’s controlled media keep you up to date on what’s happening in Afghanistan—or anywhere else in the world, for that matter? If you do, you can’t be a reader of AFP. Because our record shows that right from the start— even before—we have nailed our government’s invasion of that sovereign country as another no-win loser, and our intervention as being propelled by shadowy forces very much behind the scenes—and not apt to be mentioned by any of those wise-guy talking heads on television or political actors in Congress, the White House or anywhere else.

As of July 29—the latest date for which figures are available—1,196 American men and boys and girls have been killed in this stinking, needless carnage plus many thousands more who will bear psychological or physical scars for the rest of their lives. And if that’s not bad enough, Congress just passed by a vote of 308 to 114 a war spending bill totaling nearly $59 billion. The press characterized this last-minute measure as a “major funding increase” to pay for, among other things, the 30,000 additional U.S. troops Obama is sending to the mountainous country.


And for what? To defend our borders, or otherwise make our country a better place to live in? Far from it. As Gen. Smedley Butler said, war is a racket; and this one is paying big dividends to the airplane, tank, cannon and ammo manufacturers, not to mention the banks and other enterprises that supply the billions of dollars in everything armies and navies need.

The great patriots promoting this debacle can be found on street corners ringing a bell and holding out a tin cup for you to throw your hard-earned dollars into. After waving the flag and singing The Star Spangled Banner for awhile, they will retire to their boardrooms and find some other God-forsaken pesthole they can send patriotic young men to get their empty heads blown off.

Yes, these scum love war, no matter if it be unconstitutional, illegal, genocidal, clearly against the interests of our country and requires the bankrupting of America. Profit is the important thing.

What is truly hard to understand is that no one besides us and a few other relatively small outlets ever looks at what is happening with serious thoughts about the wisdom of it all. No one of importance or serious influence stands back and evaluates what is happening in a broad context. We hear a lot of detail about Afghanistan but nothing else.

Isn’t it about time that we, the people, stop this criminal madness? Isn’t it time to arrest these profiteers and hang them? If not, how bad will it get before the fed-up taxpayers and potential cannon fodder do just that?

WIllis A. Carto is the publisher of THE BARNES REVIEW Revisionist historical magazine based in Washington, D.C. He was the founder of Liberty Lobby and The Spotlight newspaper.

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(Issue # 32, August 9, 2010)

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