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Somali Pirates Continue Unchallenged Terror Campaign


With four U.S. missionaries recently slain, over 50 hijacked vessels still being held captive, and nearly 1,000 hostages languishing under the control of Somali pirates, a major question remains unanswered: Where is Barack Obama, the UN, or many other international governing bodies that supposedly keep our world safe?

Why are high-seas savages allowed to continually terrorize the Horn of Africa with little or no consequence? Adding insult to injury, why hasn’t our president offered any meaningful reaction after four noble, Bible distributing Americans were slaughtered after being hijacked by pirates?

On Feb. 22, Adam Nagourney and Jeffrey Gettleman of the New York Times described the murders of Jean and Scott Adam, along with their two sailing companions, as “one of the most violent episodes since the modern-day piracy epidemic began several years ago.”

According to U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Mark Fox, 19 Somali pirates stormed the Adams’ yacht, the Quest, and deliberately fired an RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade at the naval vessel USS Sterett. Almost immediately thereafter, Fox explained how gunfire erupted on the Quest as a Navy Seals team rushed

the yacht. Though many of the pirates surrendered, special ops officers shot one Somali while stabbing to death another in hand-to-hand combat. By this point, regrettably, the captives were already dead.

However, a different version of this harrowing event has emerged. A U.S. naval armada, including an aircraft carrier, monitored the Quest for three days following its capture by Somalis. During this tense situation, two pirates boarded the Sterett to negotiate with FBI agents. But, for whatever reason, an agreement couldn’t be reached. David Usborne of the UK Independent described these unsuccessful talks in a Feb. 25 article.

“The FBI negotiator on board the U.S. warship decided he could not take the pirate leaders seriously,” Usborne wrote.


So in retaliation, the Somalis fired a grenade at the Sterett, causing Seals to frantically intervene. A pirate only identified as “Ali” told Agence France-Presse on Feb. 24, “We got information that the American hostages were killed after the U.S. Navy stormed the yacht. They tried to rescue the hostages, but unfortunately heavy gunfire was exchanged and they (the hostages) died as a result,” Ali recalled.

Whether pirates intentionally murdered their elderly American hostages or they died as the result of a failed rescue attempt, one fact remains: Passageways near the Gulf of Aden are the most dangerous waters in the world, and President Obama refuses to do anything.

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(Issue # 10 & 11, March 7 & 14, 2011)

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