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'Tea Parties' Protesting Big Government 

Are Being Planned Across Country for April 15


By Mark Anderson

ORLANDO, Florida—On March 21, an estimated 5,000 people gathered around the Lake Eola amphitheater in Orlando, Fla., “to send a message to the government that they are not going to tolerate any more of what they called ‘wasteful Washington spending.’ ”

That snippet from a brief online report by Cable News 13 TV in central Florida touches on an event put on by the modern-day “Tea Party” movement that has been “steeping” while piratical corporate bailouts and stimulus packages reaching into the trillions of dollars shock ever-larger numbers of Americans into some level of action. While Orlando was one of the bigger events in recent weeks, scores of other “Tea Party” rallies were planned for tax day on April 15 as the next edition of the print version of American Free Press goes to press.


From Kalamazoo, Mich., to McAllen, Tex., to Washington D.C.—three places where AFP expects to send correspondents—and in most or all of the other states, some sort of April 15 tea party rally, from small to large events, was in the final planning stages during April’s first week.

Thus, rather than surrender to the two-headed big banking/big government beast that is eating them alive, the American people—with more time on their hands due to unemployment or under-employment—are getting busy trying to come up with strategies to at least slow the onslaught and buy time so more creative solutions can come forth.

More communities, for example, are trying local currencies that, while there is no guarantee that they will last long or work perfectly, usually function reasonably well if they get off the ground—while sending the general message that the mysterious monetary system that we all use but none of us choose does not work the way it should.

“We really focused on patriotism,” Lisa Feroli, one of just four citizens who planned the big Orlando rally, told AFP on April 9. She and her cohorts—ignored by the local corporate newspapers and television stations in terms of advance publicity—hit the talk radio shows and used the internet and word of mouth to raise $5,500 in four weeks to pay for the amphitheater rental, insurance, the sound system and security and their rally. They had a color guard, honored their military veterans and focused on “what made our nation a great place to live,” she said.

There were some “End the Fed,” Fair Tax, 9-11 truth and various other groups in Orlando, according to Ms. Feroli, who added: “There were a lot of Ron Paul [groups]—a lot of Libertarian groups, and a lot of Republicans, and a couple people came up with Obama shirts and people were booing them out of there.”

Notably, there are concerns bouncing around online that some Republicans will make this tea party movement an anti-Democrat issue as opposed to the bigger picture of opposing unconstitutional government no matter, which party runs Congress or the White House.

Even as more local currencies of varying quality and scope take root and supplement the economy at the local level, many Americans have been sending, or thinking about sending, tea bags to Washington, not the loose-leaf stuff due to the D.C. mentality that any substance that looks even remotely out of place must have come from terrorists. How many tea bags may be sent is hard to determine precisely—Feroli has no idea—and it’s too soon to predict if this will truly get politicians’ attention, or if the tea bags will just be treated as “spit wads against the side of a battleship,” so to speak.

Those in Orlando, however, have been using a printable sheet off the group’s website——that shows a tea bag icon and lists the group’s grievances. The actual sheet states, in total:

We, the participants of The Orlando Tea Party, demand that the officials elected by us live up to your oath to serve us! We demand that you uphold the Constitutional rights granted to us by our founding fathers, the liberties that have made America the most extraordinary nation in the world. We demand that you cease further government spending on Stimulus scams and Bailouts meant to punish those who contribute the most to our economy and provide jobs to 70% of American workers. And we demand that you allow the free market to flush years of accumulated trash from our economy and return prosperity and growth to our markets. With this statement, I vow that I will attend every election and will steadfastly vote AGAINST any candidate that does not vote to uphold these demands. I refuse to simply settle for the “lesser of two evils” and expect my candidate to vote in favor of these basic American principles every time. We are ready to reclaim control of our government!


                                                      Orlando Tea Party Participant

Feroli feels any actual tea bags sent in might be immediately thrown away due to the beltway’s anti-terrorism measures. A New Hampshire dentist, incredibly, was reportedly arrested just for sending a tea bag to his congressional representative, Carol Shea-Porter.

Though rallies come and go, and it’s not always easy to tell how effective they are, one can detect that despite being defrocked of every last shred of dignity, and disenfranchised and abused beyond comprehension, there is something in the American psyche that wants out of “the matrix” comprised of colossal federal spending and many other relentless abuses and towering injustices.

This ruinous binge-spending goes hand in hand with the government’s propensity to enslave the American people with perpetual, un-payable debt, much of which is borne of the government’s almost century-old practice of giving government bonds to the Federal Reserve System in exchange for (in other words, in order to purchase) our own money from the Fed, at interest, when the government’s Treasury Department could create our money debt-free and cut “the Fed” out of the deal. Why buy money when you can make it?

Feroli, however, noted that she is not aware of a local currency movement in her area. Still, more such movements have sprung up in Milwaukee, Wis.; South Bend, Ind., and a number of other towns, though not always successfully.

Critics, such as noted monetary author Stephen Zarlenga, believe that such a movement is a distraction. Zarlenga said that if those pursuing local currencies would focus on the need for national currency reform by returning to a debt-free national currency (thereby dropping Federal Reserve Notes) then the right kind of changes might happen reasonably soon while there is still time to rescue the economy.

Other authors, such as Ellen Brown, see the local currency movement not as a solution but a promising sign that people are starting to sense where the economic trouble ultimately stems from—the monetary system specifically, not just an abstraction called “the economy.” Thus, the problem is not simply too much government spending. It runs much deeper than that, according to these and other authors who have been working overtime to try and bring the deeper issues to the American people.

See the complete Orlando statement by clicking here.

Mark Anderson is the corresponding editor for American Free Press. Write to Mark at


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