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By Victor Thorn

Joe McCutcheon speaks proudly of being the third or fourth original member of the Minuteman Project. During a Feb. 10 interview, this former
pharmacist and pilot told me that it was the finest moment of his life to see thousands of diligent people in Tombstone, Arizona, contributing to protect our nation.

They even started a volunteer air force of 35 pilots to patrol the border. Then disaster struck and the group got co-opted and corrupted by an array of infiltrators, quickly destroying this grassroots movement. A longtime political activist, McCutcheon experienced the same excitement last summer when tea parties began forming all across the country. However, he is acutely aware of the potential for another takeover.

“I see the same names popping up. It’s the neo-cons and moneychangers creating 501(c)s. Last weekend in Nashville, this beautiful cause became a money-making affair. Sarah Palin and the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) have seized the movement.”

He next identified the culprits, echoing the findings of Michael Collins Piper in his December, 2009 AFP Special Report which detailed the high-level elite power forces promoting Sarah Palin.

“Palin’s mentor is William Kristol. He traveled to Anchorage, Alaska when she was governor and was instrumental in securing her as John McCain’s vice presidential candidate. She fits the AIPAC bill of eternal war for eternal peace, just like the neo-cons. How the U.S. has been propelled into the Middle East is a criminal hoax. We’re being led around by Israel to do their bidding.


Palin’s a shill for the warmongers and Israel-firsters.” William Kristol’s name is intriguing because his operatives divided and conquered the Minutemen. The primary instigators were Mary Parker Lewis and Alan Keyes of the Declaration Alliance. Former presidential candidate Keyes, it should be noted, once roomed with Bilderberg attendee William Kristol at Harvard. Kristol also ran Keyes’ 1988 senatorial campaign in Maryland.

Lewis has similar ties. First, she served as Keyes’ former campaign manager, as well as Kristol’s “confidential assistant.” Lewis also acted as Kristol protegé Bill Bennett’s special assistant, introduced Minuteman cofounder Chris Simcox to Keyes, and was employed by Diener Consultants.

Diener is noteworthy because its president, Phillip Sheldon, is the son of Lou Sheldon. As founder of the Traditional Values Coalition, Lou Sheldon (a Jewish convert to a pro- Zionist dispensationalist Christian sect) belongs to the Falwell-Pat Robertson-Hagee-Gary Bauer-Tim LaHaye cabal which leads the “endtimes” religious right into Israel’s clutches.

Diener employed not only Mary Parker Lewis but Connie Hair, a top advisor to Alan Keyes and spokesperson for Bill Bennett. Phillip Sheldon himself helped raise half-a-million dollars for Keyes’ 2004 senatorial bid against Barack Obama. Interestingly, it seemed as if this race was deliberately orchestrated to allow an Obama victory. In a Sept. 10 article by neo-con film critic Michael Medved, he describes Keyes as “a carpet-bagging embarrassment and fringe candidate who took the Republican nomination after the formidable prior contender withdrew in a divorce-related sex scandal.”

Now, if we fast-forward to the Tea Party phenomenon, critics name the primary infiltrators as former Republican Majority House Leader Dick Armey, Nashville convention organizer Judson Phillips and Mark Skoda. All of these men harbor an undeniable neo-con mentality. On May 1, 2002 Armey “called for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians” while endorsing Israel’s genocidal war efforts in occupied territories.

Judson Phillips is likewise  troublesome. Activist Tami Kilmarx is quoted as saying, “From the beginning he talked about wanting to make a fortune off the Tea Party movement.” In addition, his neo-con aims became clear in a February 5 article by Luke O’Brien of AOL News. “One of the first groups he joined after setting up his [Facebook] account was the ‘Society for the Defeat of Islam.’”

The spokesman for Phillips’ February Tea Party event was Mark Skoda, who invited Andrew Breitbart of Big Government. Although Breitbart has done some fine work exposing ACORN, he’s also an associate of William Kristol of Weekly Standard fame, as well as Matt Drudge. These three Jewish men form a very influential media triad.

Virtually all grass-roots Tea Party members, reminiscent of the Minutemen, are good-hearted, sincere Americans with a genuine desire to salvage our country from the clutches of those who are intent on hijacking it. Sadly, each movement has been infiltrated by wolves in sheep’s clothing that harbor ulterior motives that should greatly trouble the rank and file.

Quite possibly the most overt example of this takeover can be found in the words of Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of a Christian-Zionist organization called Proclaiming Justice to the Nations. While blessing the meal prior to Sarah Palin’s keynote address at the Nashville Tea Party convention, Moore proclaimed, “If we do not defend the United States, who will defend Israel? I would like to think that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is watching here tonight. And I want Bibi Netanyahu to know that the Tea Party nation is going to stand strong for Israel.”

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of many books on 9-11 and the New World Order. These include 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Role in 9-11 and Phantom Flight 93.

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(Issue # 9, March 1, 2010)

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