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The NWO’s Ultimate Bogeyman


By Victor Thorn

Before anyone buys into the premise that Osama bin Laden’s death was faked for political purposes, they first must accept the premise that 9-11 was a staged false-flag terror attack executed by elements within the Israeli government and U.S. neo-cons. The 19 Muslim“hijackers” and al Qaeda served as nothing more than convenient patsies, with bin Laden becoming the ultimate bogeyman.

In the decade since this horrific event, the U.S. taxpayers have spent over $1 trillion—$700 billion in Iraq and $400 billion in Afghanistan—fighting Israel’s wars. While college students cheered in front of the White House and others celebrated bin Laden’s demise in Times Square, they failed to comprehend one vital fact:

America’s economy is being bankrupted by a military-industrial- banking machine that, at least in part, resulted from our continuing “war on terror.”

For nearly 10 years, bin Laden stood at the center of this perpetual war—an enemy that could be everywhere, nowhere, or anyplace in between. But few realize that the CIA originally created this six-foot-five-inch 9-11 “mastermind” in the late 1970s after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.


Oddly enough, bin Laden’s relatives had been engaging in business deals with the Bush family since the early 1970s. Around this same time, as the Vietnam War came to a close, the CIA needed greener pastures for its lucrative opium trade.

So, after Russia’s humiliating defeat, Afghanistan’s drug trade flourished as bin Laden became the undisputed leader of al Qaeda. After a major oil deal went awry and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East became a major stumbling block, a break ensued between the Taliban and Western leaders.

Unable to resolve their disputes, those in the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) decided that they needed a “new Pearl Harbor” to once again get Americans primed for a series of long, protracted wars.

PNAC advocates simply couldn’t unleash an unprovoked attack on Afghanistan and Iraq, so the invention of a new enemy was a prerequisite.

It is believed bin Laden, a long-time CIA asset who was suffering from kidney failure in the months preceding 9-11, died in December 2001. But his death didn’t stop U.S. and Israeli leaders and the controlled media from making him the poster boy for global terrorism, a role he held until he was finally killed off a second time in Pakistan.

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of many books on 9-11 and the New World Order. These include 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Role in 9-11 and Phantom Flight 93.

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(Issue # 19 & 20, May 9 & 16, 2011)

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