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War in the GOP: Who's to Blame for Mccain's Loss


By William Gheen

The top brass in the Republican Party that the public blames the most for perpetual wars, the next Great Depression, and trying to give Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens that they let into the country in the first place are circling the wheel of the GOP ship with their rapiers out.

Blue-collar and middle-class Republicans are advancing on the once proud captains of the GOP hoping to see Bush, McCain, and their most ardent supporters walk the political plank, in an effort to save the party from decades of fallout. Let's face the truth. Bush, McCain, Senators Graham and Martinez have not only led the GOP to destruction, they have run the great ship called America upon the rocks, with their brand of 'leadership' in the US Senate and the White House.


The GOP lost any real chance of retaining the White House the day John McCain won the primary. Due to election dynamics, a Ted Kennedy loving, Amnesty pushing, Free Trade pushing, Globalist, Democrat in Republican clothing named John McCain won. On election day, the resounding message and historical example became "You can't screw over the conservative base and still win as President!"

The turnout level for the 2008 elections was nowhere near the created media hype massive turnout forecast by the pro-Obama media. In fact, according to the American University’s Center for the Study of the American Electorate, Democratic turnout was only up a few percent points. The problem for McCain was that less Republicans showed up than in 2004's presidential race and many of those Republicans either voted for Obama, voted third party, or left his race blank.

McCain was counting on GOP voters to march into the booths at the last minute, hold their noses and elect him out of fear of Obama. While many Republicans reluctantly made that choice, a significant group withheld their support or voted in opposition to McCain.

The greatest example of conservative voters rejection of McCain is seen in his campaign's inability to raise adequate funds for his campaign. The RNC had similar troubles and both McCain and the RNC were massively outspent by Democrats. Looking back in recent history, their inability to raise enough funds began when the RNC fired their fundraising phone bank employees, after donations fell through the floor immediately following Bush, McCain, and Kennedy's push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty. The phone bank employees reported massive donor unrest due to the amnesty legislation and were promptly fired! Republican fundraising never recovered after that paradigm shift.

Some of McCain's campaign employees have quickly thrown Sarah Palin under the political bus hoping the angry crowds will tear her apart, instead of McCain and crew! I can tell you as a prior employee of many campaigns, staffers do not engage in this kind of activity, without expressed behind the scenes authorization from their employers (such as McCain) or they will lose their jobs and probably their careers.

No, Sarah Palin was not McCain's downfall. In fact, the only time in the final months of the campaign that McCain was ahead in the race was when he announced Sarah Palin as his running mate. McCain's problem was not with swing voters, you can't get anymore 'swing' than McCain. McCain tried to run left of the Democrat and tried to out racial politic a black Democrat.

Sarah Palin energized the true conservative base which initially reacted with glee to see someone, anyone, that was not a US Senator at the start of this race come on to the field. Palin was an unknown and many Republicans immediately projected their hopes on Palin. But the effect wore off quickly. In fact, after the Palin announcement, McCain's polling numbers plunged beneath Obama's for the final time, when he promised a "path to citizenship" for illegal aliens, during campaign stops in Pennsylvania.

McCain's support for the Bush administration's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty knocked him out of the first place spot and into fourth place early on in the primary. Each time Bush or McCain has pushed their unpopular immigration plans to the media

and public, their poll numbers dive. Soon, they had Sarah Palin imitating McCain on every issue, including Amnesty so the 'Palin Effect' was gone and McCain's die was cast.

Now that the elections are over, McCain's proxies such as his campaign staffers, Senators Lindsey Graham and Mel Martinez, are blaming all of the GOP voters and members of Congress who opposed their amnesty plans for McCain's loss! The notoriously biased and pro-amnesty McClatchy newspapers are eager to broadcast their finger pointing and blame games.

You heard that right folks! McCain and his right-hand men are blaming the opposition to their Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY bills for the GOP losses by saying that Republicans alienated Hispanic voters.

What a load of horse hockey.

Like a thief who immediately points the finger at someone else to deflect blame, McCain and his crew are attacking others in the party, in an act of psychological projection. They are attacking immigration because they know they lost the race on immigration issues. Many Republicans felt more betrayed by McCain's support for Amnesty than Obama's because they would expect a Democrat to take that position. McCain's alignment with Obama and Bush on the issue deprived voters of a choice for President on the issue of amnesty for illegals.

McCain and his failed crew are promoting multiple myths about the Hispanic voters. First, according to many polls and actual voting behavior observations in states like Arizona, a majority of America's legal Hispanic voters are not supportive of the La Raza and Univision political agenda. They vote for more immigration enforcement and for English as our national language.

Our best case and point is that only two pro-illegal alien ballot initiatives in the nation failed on Election Day in states with top levels of Hispanic voters. Voters in Arizona rejected Proposition 202 with 59% of voters saying No to the deceptively named "Arizona Stop Illegal Hiring Act", which would have gutted most of Arizona's new state level immigration enforcement efforts. Arizona is the state with the fourth largest Hispanic population.

In Florida, which has the ninth highest percentage of Hispanic voters, Amendment 1 was soundly defeated.

The claim that Hispanic voters are unified in support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bush, McCain, or Obama style is a lie.

It is also racist and defamatory towards Hispanic voters to make the false claim that a majority of them support McCain's attempt to change America's current laws to accommodate millions of illegal aliens because most are Hispanic. How detached from reality can McCain be, considering the Zogby poll that showed only 3% of Americans approved of how Congress was handling immigration issues in the midst of his failed push for Amnesty last year?

McCain and his inner circle are engaging in more unethical behavior by trying to blame Palin and those who stopped them from passing Amnesty for illegal aliens. Hispanic voters have been voting Democratic at 65% levels for years and Obama only picked up a few percent points there. McCain's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty is political suicide for the GOP and national suicide for America.

Republicans now face an important choice. The GOP can further fracture and descend into oblivion as McCain and Graham march back to Washington to vote with Obama on many issues, including Amnesty for illegal aliens. Or the GOP can clean house and sweep these traitors like McCain, Bush and their inner circles onto the political scrap heap of history. The American public has spoken and has firmly rejected Bush and the GOP top brass. It is time for a new political battle cry within the Republican Party and that cry should be for Change! Let the way forward and needed changes begin by discarding McCain and crew on the political plank of this sinking ship.


WILLIAM GHEEN is president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, which can be found on the Net at

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(Issue # 46, November 17, 2008)

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