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The White House is feverishly trying to condition the public to accept an invasion of Iran as part of “the war on terrorism.”

Have You Had Your Fill of Criminal War-Mongering?


By Willis Carto

There’s no doubt but that the American public has had a bellyful of senseless , no-win, aggressive war. At last count, American troops are in 135 countries around the world—over 100,000 of them. There are thousands of mercenaries but the actual figure is classified.

Why? We are told that our people are there to bring “democracy” to the
unenlightened. Although our country is in serious need of some of this wonderful political elixir, seeing that the administration’s policies have never been submitted to the people or even to Congress, the charade goes on. It’s a shame, but nevertheless a fact that “democracy” is distinguished by its absence in our present environment of pressure groups, lobbies and charlatans.

It is common knowledge that only about 30% of the public thinks the Bush-Cheney administration and Congress are doing their jobs.

Of course, we all know that they are doing a great job—for themselves, that is. Not for the people, the taxpayers, the cannon-fodder but for the military-industrial-banker complex.

Wars and rumors of wars are extremely profitable for the real rulers of this country and the media that support them.

Against all considerations of national interest and without a shred of constitutional authority, the Bush administration attacked Iraq, a highly civilized, independent, stable country with 6,000 years of proud history.

It is reported that over 800,000 innocent men, women and children have been killed, and at least one million wounded, an untold number of homes have been demolished, roads blown up, buildings destroyed. At least two million refugees have fled to neighboring countries.

Genocidal maniacs like Vice President Cheney and commentator Bill O’Reilly love the killing and devastation but normal Americans are appalled.

Figures on American casualties are hard to come by. The government admits to almost 4,000 deaths in the Iraqi disaster and there are at least ten times that number officially wounded. This does not count the thousands of servicemen who have suffered psychological damage after living in a hell of unending killing and mayhem for months and often being required to return to the carnage after a short stateside leave. These psychic wounds will stay with the victims for life.

Nor does it include the number of private mercenaries killed and wounded, which could be thousands. But our president and vice president and their Israeli and oil company advisors happily chortle, “Mission accomplished!” They have possession of and are now operating oil wells that produce some of the finest petroleum to be found anywhere, and we have cleared, the way for Israel to continue its expansion toward its goal of hegemony over the entire Mideast.

Then as if that was not blot enough on America’s escutcheon, we stood by while Saddam Hussein was hanged—no doubt by assassins recruited by the CIA and paid for by the taxpayers. Never has there been so much obvious corruption in American public life. Now, we reap the whirlwind. Iraq is a swirling nest of anarchy and violence.

Now, American politicians are vying with one another to stop the violence they themselves have created by their indifference, even as the government constructs a $1 billion enclave inside Iraq that is to be used indefinitely by American and Israeli exploiters as a safe area they can occupy while stealing the guts out of the country. Favored profiteers who are on the inside track will make many millions of dollars by selling Iraqi oil and anything else that is not securely nailed down, including priceless historic artifacts dating to the earliest times of human civilization.

The operation has been so successful that now the crooks are prodding America to attack Iran. The media reeks with the war cries of cowardly “neo-con” Israel-firsters who literally demand war against Iran. Are there any good reasons that America should attack Iran?

No, not one, and you may be sure that the war mongers will not let even our worthless Congress debate the issue. But there are many reasons why, if the Bush administration succumbs to the shrill and bloody cries of the Israel-firsters, that it will be the worst mistake ever made by this country in its entire history.

True, if American bombs can kill enough Iranians, that country can be neutralized and Israel will establish control over the entire theatre and those who presently live there will become Jewish serfs—like the Palestinians. “Mission accomplished.”

This is the plan and all Americans with a shred of humanity must oppose it as strongly as we can before the war is started—unconstitutionally, illegally, criminally—by the Bush-Cheney administration.

The one and only answer is for America to return to its roots and once again adopt neutrality as our guiding light.

This was America’s policy ever since the Founding Fathers and remained so until Woodrow Wilson. Since then, the wars fought have brought only culture distortion, death, destruction and debt to the people—although vast profits to the criminals who contrived them. With constant war, U.S. survival is impossible.

Willis A. Carto, the founder of LIBERTY LOBBY and its national weekly newspaper, The Spotlight, has devoted his entire career to the populist cause. The author of Populism vs. Plutocracy, Carto is responsible for the publication of hundreds of classic volumes considered “must” reading by populists and nationalists world wide. He is presently publisher of the historical journal, THE BARNES REVIEW. To get a sample copy inside the U.S., send $3 to TBR, P.O. Box 15877, Washington, D.C. 20003.

(Issue #45, November 5, 2007)



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