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Hot Flashes


By Mark Anderson

SITGES, Spain—Rolling out the unwelcome mat to the mattoids at the infamous Bilderberg meetings takes time, but by June 2, two days before the official start of the 2010 meeting, flyers and protests already were in an upswing in the pretty seaside town of Sitges, near Barcelona. 

By that day, sidewalk messages had been chalked. Flyers in Spanish started to circulate, warning of Bilderberg’s ongoing attempt to control the futures and fortunes of the world’s citizens, including the Spanish who, according to a Spanish activist named Monica, have experienced a severe, calculated economic slump something like that experienced by the Greeks.

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One chalk drawing just outside the secluded Hotel Dolce, the hilltop “scene of the crime,” showed the esoteric “eye of the pyramid” with the word “Bilderberg” at the top and an arrow pointing to the very bottom with words, “You are here, Mr. Policeman.”



Another activist who spoke with AFP likened the police to the middle classes of the world, who are being financially and culturally squeezed out of existence by Bilderberg-related policies, including broad planning regarding energy prices, foreign policy and wars, monetary policy and other crucial matters that should not be decided in secret (see the video below for more on this).

But the police continue to guard those who the activists see as the real lawbreakers. By noon June 2, area police had sealed off the one main road to the Dolce Hotel, though the unusually large, two-mile “forbidden zone” set up at last year’s Bilderberg meeting in Greece had not been set up, as of the end of that day. Nor were the notorious private security guards visible, at least not yet.

More than a mile away from the hotel, on a wide, busy sidewalk near a string of restaurants along the Mediterranean coast, a big chalk message warned the locals, “The global elite is now in the Hotel Dolce in Sitges, meeting in secret.” Some pedestrians looked. Some didn’t.

Still, the “secret” is becoming less secret, especially according to a local pub owner who, around 9:30 p.m., told AMERICAN FREE PRESS that flyers (which, unbeknownst to her, started circulating right by Hotel Dolce late on the morning of June 2) had already made it to her business two to three miles away. She also said some people in town had heard about the June 4 to June 7 Bilderberg meeting a long time ago.

“You mean not days or weeks ago?” this writer inquired, after a long day scouting the area nearing the meeting scene.

“Months ago,” she replied.

The publicity, which included an all-day visit near the Dolce by “LaSexta Noticias” on channel 6 news, is getting brighter. The channel 6 TV reporter, accompanied by a camera operator, told AFP she had just read about Bilderberg in El Periodico, an area newspaper, in what she described as a rather lengthy article.

On June 1, this reporter observed a light police presence, but the general public could still enter the Hotel Dolce, where the U.S. attendees among the politicians, corporate titans, media moguls and financial bosses break the Logan Act, which prohibits private U.S. citizens and officials from making policy behind closed doors with foreign government officials. The flyers point out this important fact.

“So do you have any vacancies this week or weekend,” this writer queried at the Dolce’s front desk. “No sir, there is a ‘convention’ taking place,” thereby confirming Bilderberg did not change venues at the last minute to avoid publicity.

Early on June 2, a police officer was asked, “What’s with all the police.”

Struggling with speaking English, he hesitated and then said “convention.”

When told the word around town was that politicians were meeting behind closed doors to discuss policies, he nodded.

As of June 2, no identifiable Bilderberg attendees with household names had been spotted entering the Dolce. The same goes for lesser-known attendees, though a trusted source watched the Barcelona airport and said he saw 20 arrivals get into 10 limousines. They spoke English, Italian and Austrian, he said, adding that aging Bilderberg regulars such as David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, among others, had not been seen yet.

Rockefeller in 1991 had once praised top media directors, mainly those from The Washington Post and other U.S. news organizations, for regularly attending Bilderberg meetings but not reporting a word.

These days it’s a tougher time to be a “Bilderberger”—when economic turmoil is making more and more people politically concerned. But despite the difficulties these planners are having in trying to, for example, convert the International Monetary Fund into a world treasury department, they likely won’t give up. The central task, all activists and independent journalists agree, is to never allow them a place to truly hide.

Watch AFP online and the upcoming hard copy version for much more on Bilderberg, which started meeting in 1954.

Mark Anderson is a longtime newsman now working as the deputy editor for AMERICAN FREE PRESS. Together he and his wife Angie provide many photographs of the events they cover for AFP. Mark welcomes your comments and inputs as well as story leads. Email him at at [email protected].

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(Issue # 14, April 5, 2010)

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