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Bilderberg 2006 List

Honorary Chairman—Davignon, Etienne—Belgium

Abu-Amr, Ziad— PNA, Palestinian Legislative Council

Aguiar-Branco, Jose Pedro—Member of Parliament (PSD)

Aigrain, Jacques—CH, CEO, Swiss Re

Ajami, Fouad—USA, Director Middle East Studies, Johns Hopkins

Alogoskoufis, George—GR, Minister of Economy and Finance

Bagis, Egeman—TR, Member of Parliament

Balls, Edward—GB, Economic Secretary to the Treasury

Balsemao, Francisco Pinto—P, Former Prime Minister

Barnier, Michel—F, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs

Bartenstein, Martin—A, Minister of Economics and Labor

Bernabe, Franco—I, Vice Chairman, Rothschild Europe

Bildt, Carl—S, Former Prime Minister

Boyner, Umit N.—TR, Member of Executie Board, Boyer Holding

Bronner, Oscar—A, Publisher and Editor, Der Standard

Browne, John—GB, Group Chief Executive, British Petroleum

Burda, Hubert—B, Punlisher and CEO, Hubert Burda Media Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Castries, Henri de—F, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA

Cebrian, Juan Luis—E, CEO, PRISA

Chalabi, Ahmad—IRQ, Former Deputy Prime Minister

Clark, Edmund—CDN, President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group

Clarke, Kenneth—GB, Member of Parliament

Collins, Timothy C.—USA, CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC

Collomb, Bertrand—F, Chairman, Lafarge

Comper, Tony—CDN, President and CEO, BMO Financial Group

Crawley, Phillip—CDN, Publisher and CEO, the Globe and Mail

David, George A.—GR, Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C.S.A.

Dervis, Kemal—INT, Administrator, UNDP

Descoing, Richard—F, Director, Institut d’Etudes Politiques

Desmarais, Jr., Paul—CDN, CEO, Power Corporation

Devedjian, Patrick—F, Member of Parliament

Donilon, Thomas E.—USA, Partner, O’Melveny & Myers LLP

Dopfner, Mathias—D, Chairman of the Board of Management, Axel Springer AG

Eldrup, Anders—DK, President, DONG A/S

Elkann, John—I, Vice Chairman, Fiat

Feldstein, Martin—USA, President and CEO, National Bureau of Economic Research

Geithner, Timothy F.—USA, President and CEO, NY Federal Reserve Bank

Gigot, Paul A.—USA, Editor of the Editorial Page, The Wall Street Journal

Gilady, Eival—ISR, Head of Coordination and Strategy at the Office of the Prime Minister

Gleeson, Dermot—IRL, Chairman, AIB Group

Goldschmidt, Pierre—B, Former Deputy Director General, IAEA

Gusenbauer, Alfred—A, Parliamentary Leader SPO

Halberstadt, Victor—NL, Profesor of Economics, Leiden University

Hansen, Jean-Pierre—B, CEO, Suez-Tractebel S.A.

Heinaluoma, Eero—FIN, Minister of Finance

Holbrooke, Richard C.—USA, Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC

Hubbard, Allan B.—USA, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy

Jensen, Siv—N, Member of Parliament

Joffe, Josef—D, Publisher-Editor, Die Zeit

Johnson, James A.—USA, Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC

Jordan, Jr., Vernon E.—USA, Senior Managing Director, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC

Kaletsky, Anatole—GB, Editor at Large, The Times

Kerdrel, Yves de—F, Editor, Le Figaro

Kerr of Kinlochard, John—GB, Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc

Kimsey, James V.—USA, Founding CEO, America Online

Kissinger, Henry A.–USA, Chairman, Kissinger Associates

Kleisterlee, Gerard J.—NL, President and CEO, Royal Philips Electronics

Koc, Mustafa V.—TR, Chairman, Koc Holding A.S.

Koprulu, Kemal—TR, Founding Chairman, ARI Movement

Korkman, Sixten—FIN, Managing Director, The Research  Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA

Koru, Fehmi—TR, Senior Writer, Yeni Safak

Koss, Johann O.—CDN, President and CEO, Right To Play

Kravis, Henry R.—USA, Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

Kravis, Marie-Josee—USA, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc.

Kroes, Neelie—INT, Commissioner, European Commission

Kronenburg, Ed—INT, Director of the Private Office, NATO Headquarters

Kudelski, Andre—CH, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Kudelski Group

Lauvergeon, Anne—F, Chairman of the Executive Board, AREVA

Leon Gross, Bernardino—E, Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Lipens, Maurice—B, Chairman, FORTIS

Lloyd, Ronald S.—CDN, Chairman and CEO, Credit Suisse First Boston

Luti, William J.—USA, Special Assistant to the President for Defense Policy and Strategy, National Security Council

Mathews, Jessica T.—USA, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

McKenna, Frank—CDN, Deputy chair, Toronto Dominion Bank Financial Group

Medish, Mark C.—USA, Partner, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

Montbrial, Thierry de—F, President, French Institute for International Relations

Monti, Mario—INT, President, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Mundie, Craig J.—USA, Chief Technical Officer Advanced Strategies and Policy, Microsoft

Myklebust, Egil—N, Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, Norsk Hydro ASA

Nass, Maathias—D, Deputy Editor, Die Zeit

Netherlands, H.M. the Queen of The—NL

Nickerson, Ken—CDN,iBinary Corp

Nixon, Gordon—CDN, President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada

Norvik, Harald—N, Chairman & Partner, ECON Management AS

O’Brien, Denis—IRL, Chairman, Communicorp Group Ltd.

Olechowski, Andrzej—PL, Leader Civic Platform

Ollila, Jorma—FIN, Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc

Osborne, George—GB, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Ozel, Soli—TR, Professor of International Relations and Political Science, Istanbul Bilgi University

Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso—I, Minister of Finance

Pataki, George E.—USA, Governor of New York State

Pearlstine, Norman—USA, Senior Advisor, Time Warner Inc.

Pei, Minxin—USA, Director, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Perle, Richard—USA, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Pfluger, Friedbert—D, State Secretary of Defense

Piebalgs, Andris—INT, Commissioner, European Commission

Pinault, Francois-Henri—F, President, Artemis; Chairman and CEO, PPR Group

Prichard, J. Robert S.—CDN, President, Torstar Corporation

Rattner, Steven—USA, Managing Principal, Quadrangle Group LLC

Reinfeldt, Fredrik—S, Chairman Conservative Party

Reisman, Heather—CDN, Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

Rockefeller, David—USA, Former Member, JP Morgan International Council

Rodriguez Inciarte, Matias—E, Executive Vice Chairman, Grupo Santander, Ciudad Grupo Santander

Ross, Dennis—USA, Director, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Roy, Olivier—F, Senior Researcher, French National Center for Scientific Research

Roy, J. Stapleton—USA, Managing Director, Kissinger Associates, Inc.

Sadjapour, Karim—USA, Analyst, International Crisis Group

Sant, Roger—USA, Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus, The AES Corporation

Sarjolghalam, Mahmood—IRN, Associate Professor, National University of Iran

Scaroni, Paolo—I, CEO, Eni S.p.A.

Schily, Otto—D, Member of Parliament

Scholten, Rudolf—A, Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG

Schrempp, Jurgen E.—D, Former Chairman of the Board of Management, Daimler Chrysler AG

Schulz, Ekkehard D.—D, Chairman, ThyssenKrupp AG

Seidenfaden, Toger—DK, Executive Editor-in-Chief, Politiken

Silva, Augusto Santos—P, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs

Steinberg, James B.—USA, Dean, University of Texas

Straberg, Hans—S, President and CEO, AB Electrolux

Sutherland, Peter D.—IRL, Chairman, BP plc and Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

Tremonti, Giulio—I, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies

Tsoukalis, Loukas—GR, President Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy

Vehagen, Maxime J.M.—NL, Parliamentary Leader, Christian Democratic Appeal

Vinocur, John—USA, Senior Correspondent, International Herald Tribune

Wallenberg, Jacob—S, Chairman, Investor AB

Waugh, Richard E.—CDN, President and CEO, Bank of Nova Scotia

Wellink, A.H.E.M.—NL, President, De Nederlandsche Bank

Wolf, Martin H.—GB, Associate Editor and Economics Commentator, The Financial Times

Wolfensohn, James D.—USA, Special Envoy for the Gaza Disengagement

Zelikow, Philip D.—USA, Counselor of the Department, US Department of State

Zhang, Yi—CHN, Deputy Secretary General, China Society for Strategy and Management Research

Zoellick, Robert B.—USA, Deputy Secretary of State

Zumwinkel, Klaus—D, Chairman of the board of Management, Deutsche Post AG


Bredow, Vendeline von—GB, Paris Correspondent,The Economist

Wooldridge, Adrian D.—GB, Foreign Correspondent, The Economist











GB-Great Britain














SVK-Slovak Rep.





Updated June 19, 2006