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OVER LABOR DAY WEEKEND, some 350 people from across the
United States and a few from around the world gathered on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., for the Fifth International Conference on Real News, Authentic History and the First Amendment.

In terms of attendance (as well as the diversity in the number of speakers) and certainly in response from those who came, this was undoubtedly the biggest and best conference ever sponsored by American Free Press.

This year such prestigious patriotic institutions as the Republic Broadcasting Network, the Freedom Law School, the Free Enterprise Society and Grand Pre Publishing gave AFP a big boost and joined as co-sponsors for this pivotal event.

Issues such as taxes, corruption in academia, new findings on the attack on the USS Liberty, dangers of depleted uranium, the Federal Reserve fraud, and much, much more were discussed by speakers whose names are households words in patriotic homes in this country.

There were also forums on such controversial topics as the Sept. 11 attacks and “The Tragic Mess in the Mideast.” In addition, awards were presented to much-deserving writers and activists who have made a mark in their respective fields.

Special honors were accorded AFP’s own Julia Foster, who was AFP’s in-house coordinator for the conference.

During the conference, John Stadtmiller, founder of the popular Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) and host of RBN’s “The National Intel Report,” not only spoke to the conference about building patriotic outreach but he also broadcast his program live from the conference, interviewing notable attendees. Likewise with AFP correspondent Michael Collins Piper who also hosts his own nightly program on RBN.

For more about RBN and its broadcasts, see the bottom of page 19 of this issue of AFP.

Three expected speakers were unable to attend due to unexpected health problems: Col. Donn de Grand Pre, Texe Marrs and AFP’s own Mike Blair. All—thank goodness—are doing well.

In addition, Lindsey Williams, the author of The Energy Non-Crisis, was unable to attend as the airport in Washington closed due to tropical storm Ernesto, which ravaged the city for the weekend.

All told, there were some 40 different speakers focusing on a broad range of topics and their presentations have been captured on video and will soon be made available for viewing on DVD and videotape. Watch future issues of AFP for further details.

(Issue #38 & 39, September 18 & 25, 2006)

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Updated September 16, 2006