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AFP Editors On the Trail of Bilderberg,
Live Tonight from Sitges, Spain 


By Mark Anderson

SITGES, Spain—This AFP writer’s radio show tonight on June 5 will be live from this beautiful seaside town where the Bilderberg 2010 meeting is in full force in a secluded, hilltop hotel.

The latest happenings of this annual meeting of corporate titans, media moguls, current and former government high officials, big-wigs from high finance and others will be outlined tonight for one or likely both hours of this show, When Worlds Collide.

Click here or here or here to listen to Mark's show live beginning at 7 p.m., central standard time. (If the direct link does not work, visit for listening instructions.)


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Listeners are strongly encouraged to call and ask questions and provide information or ideas during what promises to be a lively show. The call-in number is 800-313-9443.

Spanish media have put forth what appears to be an unprecedented amount of news coverage over the last 2-3 days, telling economically-strapped Spanish citizens of a secretive, manipulative group that years ago could escape most scrutiny but is now a bit jittery over all the attention.

Media from the UK, France, the U.S. and especially Spain are providing almost around the clock coverage, though some of it downplays Bilderberg’s significance, while other reports are more analytical or critical of private and public officials meeting behind closed doors at the Hotel Dolce in Sitges.

As has been the case since the first Bilderberg Group meeting in the Netherlands in 1954, the hotel is ringed by hundreds of uniformed police officers and private security personnel, most of whom have pistols and at least a few of whom are armed with rifles, according to numerous witnesses who have worked with this AFP/RBN reporter and AFP colleague Jim Tucker.

Tucker also is in Sitges and is widely known for having followed Bilderberg for 31 years.

Tucker and this writer have been swamped with media requests and have helped spread the word around the globe to shine a spotlight on this infamous meeting, to which many attendees were spotted arriving Friday and especially Saturday. So far it has been hard, however, to clearly identify attendees by sight.


Mark Anderson is a longtime newsman now working as the deputy editor for AMERICAN FREE PRESS. Together he and his wife Angie provide many photographs of the events they cover for AFP. Mark welcomes your comments and inputs as well as story leads. Email him at at [email protected].

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(Issue # 12, March 22, 2010)

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