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Hot Flashes
Doing Away with 'Secret Proceedings,'
AFP Makes Big News Covering Bilderberg 


By Mark Anderson

“The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.”

U.S. President John F. Kennedy spoke about such proceedings during his 1961 “secret societies” speech, given to newsmen. He asked them to work with him in giving the people the hard truth and “to arouse and even anger public opinion” regarding a growing “ruthless, monolithic conspiracy” that he spoke of in those exact words.

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JFK felt freedom itself was at stake, so he warned the journalists so they could warn the people.

The highly secretive Bilderberg Group that meets every year was seven years old when JFK spoke those words. And now, just shy of 50 years since that speech, Bilderberg’s routine practice of secret proceedings is seriously eroding – as this AMERICAN FREE PRESS deputy editor and editor Jim Tucker found out during AFP’s coverage of the 2010 Bilderberg meeting in Sitges, Spain at Hotel Dolce.

Reporters in Sitges mobbed AFP’s team for quotes and interviews, especially on June 3, when Hotel Antemare’s patio was filled for several hours with network news teams, citizen-journalists, activists and onlookers eager to get AFP’s take on the “Bilderberg Meeting” officially convening June 4 through June 7 at the secluded Hotel Dolce some 2 miles away.  On June 4, Tucker was interviewed almost nonstop from noon to 10 p.m. Tucker and this writer also were on Alex Jones’ radio show in America via phone.

On June 6, this writer spoke to 400 people with a phone-feed from Spain to the “Conspiracy Con” conference in Santa Clara, Calif., hosted by AFP’s Michael Collin’s Piper.

This year’s intense Bilderberg interest in Spain was mainly driven by awareness of Tucker’s 31 years of spotlighting this shadowy annual meeting of 120 insiders from the fields of high finance, big media, government and industry, along with royalty.  He and this writer told Spanish reporters and various other European media that armed guards around the secretive Bilderberg meetings are automatic evidence that the meetings are not the harmless casual get-togethers that some claim they are.

We outlined Bilderberg’s meddling in the energy policies, monetary policies, foreign policies and other critical matters of what should be sovereign nations. We asked that viewers and readers of these area media outlets demand that Bilderberg officials turn over a list of attendees and an agenda of their 2010 meeting. Calls were placed directly by AFP and other media to Hotel Dolce to request a press conference. All were snubbed. “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?” a woman at Hotel Dolce quipped to AFP.

A number of things converged this year in this beautiful Mediterranean city. As various news crews interviewed both members of the AFP team, Spanish newspapers such as El Periodico, LaVanguardia, Diari De Villanova, and El Pais – some of which AFP had contacted upon arrival – published Bilderberg stories of varying lengths and content. CNN’s local TV affiliate reported on the Bilderberg meeting as well, with their correspondent Georgina Ferri spending long hours outside the main entrance road leading to Hotel Dolce. The Channel 6 (LaSexta Noticia) Sitges-based reporting team did much the same; furthermore, the widely-read Russia Today network, led by British-born reporter Laura Emmet, spent both June 3 and June 4 with the AFP team, interviewing this writer June 3 and Tucker on June 4.

Watch the Russia Today interview here:

Moreover, TV 3 (, a television and internet broadcast outfit that serves some 7 million viewers in this Catalonia region of

Spain – while reaching thousands of other satellite TV subscribers and internet viewers in other parts of the world – filmed a segment of this writer the morning of June 4. A budding documentary project about Bilderberg filmed lengthy segments of this writer’s and Tucker’s comments over both days; moreover, miscellaneous networks such as “Efe” interviewed the AFP team, and “TV E” spent a lot of time at the protest site.

Two well-known Bilderberg hounds, author Daniel Estulin and columnist Charlie Skelton, were in town. Estulin said he just spoke to the European parliament on Bilderberg, while Skelton, in his Guardian column in England, criticizes Bilderberg with wit and insight. Skelton even set up a make-shift “press conference” site at a nearby camp, where dozens of activists gathered, spent the night and shared news tidbits, photos and ideas.

We Are Change/Frankfurt activist Michael Williams told AFP around June 4: “I did not have the radio on all day, but when I had it on, they would say ‘Bilderberg ... Bilderberg.’”

AFP also learned that at least one morning TV talk show that broadcasts throughout Spain carried a minimum 30-minute segment on Bilderberg, showing pictures of the hotels from the group’s past meetings.

Another major breakthrough was that the London Daily Telegraph carried a big Bilderberg story June 5, with the headline, “Their Secret is Out.” Along the top were pictures of current British Prime Minister David Cameron, Prince Charles and other notables. The article was published as a spoof, sarcastically concluding that Bilderberg is mainly elder statesmen, graying financiers and their colleagues basking in “old glories.” AFP’s Tucker was painted as a rather paranoid plutocrat follower who reads too much into Bilderberg.

But Tucker is pleased to be mentioned twice in the story with the full name of his Bilderberg Diaries book included. When this was communicated to the California conference audience, they cheered the Telegraph for providing AFP with free advertising regarding Bilderberg.

Those acknowledged by the Telegraph as attending Bilderberg 2010 include: Josef Ackerman, a big wig with Deutsche Bank; Richard Holbrooke, an Afghanistan envoy for U.S. President Obama; and Venezuelan media mogul Gustavo Cisneros Rendiles. AFP worked with area freelancers and found Spanish newspapers and others confirming Microsoft’s Bill Gates as attending. Gates later admitted he was there to give the Spanish Prime Minister a lecture on supporting the “carbon tax.”

Of course, as Tucker has often noted, major American media outlets that actually send their people to the Bilderberg meetings, unlike the news sources mentioned in this story, will not report a peep on the meetings. Some have been silent for decades. These include the more obvious Washington Post and New York Times officials who have traditionally attended Bilderberg and kept their mouths shut.

Sources said another 2010 Bilderberg attendee was Oscar Bronner, publisher of Der Standard in Austria; as well as a notable Spanish media attendee pointed out by a Sitges newspaper staff writer who preferred anonymity. The local writer noted in an AFP interview that the El Pais newspaper story on Bilderberg is especially significant, although she said it is largely a puff piece intended to downplay Bilderberg’s significance – which is no surprise since the newspaper falls under the purview of Juan Luis Cebrian, a high roller in the PRISA news conglomerate who regularly attends Bilderberg, apparently including this year.

The Sitges reporter said it’s remarkable that El Pais reported anything, however, since it has been silent on Bilderberg since the 1970s, as far as she knows.

This writer and Tucker were recognized by some people around town and by the Antemare Hotel staff and manager for having been on Spanish television about Bilderberg. Amid the glaring publicity, the shadowy group apparently left town a little earlier than expected. They were not wanted there.


Mark Anderson is a longtime newsman now working as the deputy editor for AMERICAN FREE PRESS. Together he and his wife Angie provide many photographs of the events they cover for AFP. Mark welcomes your comments and inputs as well as story leads. Email him at at [email protected].

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(Issue # 12, March 22, 2010)

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