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Commentary: What Would Ben Think of Us Now?

By J.J. Johnson

The Hispanic population in the United States should be thanked for giving America a well-deserved slap in the face over the past two weeks.

Real Americans have become outraged over an army of foreigners and their sympathizers parading through the streets proudly waving a foreign flag. The outrage is not over hatred of Mexico or of her people. The outrage is because the waving of a foreign flag through the streets of the United States without fear of reprisal is not done as a symbol of protest, but as a symbol of victory over the conquered.

Unless there is an abrupt course correction—which I doubt after the recent meeting of President Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox in Cancun, Mexico—America as a nation is in its last chapter. Here’s proof: Unlike most other nations of the world, we can’t protect our national borders.

Those civilian volunteers who stand watch on our borders represent what is left of the once great nation called America. They will be mocked, of course, as our society has long since accepted that any concept of protecting this nation’s heritage, culture or historical roots is seen as extremist, bigoted, xenophobic—you fill in the blank.

Over the years, our educational institutions produce just enough self-hating white people to ensure that voices of dissent over policy must be tempered to ensure that only the American majority may be insulted. Unless given support from the silent majority, America’s new Minutemen, along with U.S. Border Patrol agents, will find their positions overrun and out-flanked, as the green light has been given to all who wish to occupy our land—signaled by the fearless waving of the flag of their homeland over U.S. soil.

Do I blame the Mexican government? The Mexican people? Hardly. Those that say illegal immigration is a matter of supply and demand are correct. No “guest worker” program will work. No attempted collection of back taxes will work. Those who hire illegals will simply replace the “documented” workers with the next shipment of “undocumented.”

Those in power will turn a blind eye to the issue, because after all it’s good for business and, more importantly, no one wants to be accused of being “racist.”

For those that love to point fingers, let’s all be racists for a moment, shall we?

Many illegal trespassers from Mexico and points south have children who are American by birthright. Despite all the talk of gangs and other criminal activity, many have more “nuclear” families than our own. Latinos on average have more children than other racial groups in America.

Meanwhile, the American political left—mostly white—have successfully argued that American women have the “right to choose.” Yep, despite the estimate of illegal trespassers in this country, their numbers are dwarfed by the number of aborted children since Roe v. Wade. Caucasians are no longer the majority in California, the most populous state.

And as for black people—should we even go there? They are now being tossed overboard by a Democrat Party that now sees a new minority to exploit.

Have I struck a nerve, Mr. and Ms. American of African descent? Good. I wasn’t among those who kept telling you voting along party lines would solve your problems. I wasn’t among those telling you to make government your new god. I have been among those calling for you to remove the prefix “African” from the word American when describing yourselves.

Perhaps now, before you are politically phased out completely, some of you might rethink your status when it comes to American citizenship and political patronage. The April 1 Democratic response to the president’s radio address was given by Sen. John Kerry (Mass.) in Spanish, not hip hop.

Like I said, there’s a new minority to exploit.

This observation is not to let the Republicans off the hook by any means. Alas, witness the fruits of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)—the unconstitutional act pushed by Republicans and President Clinton to help reduce the flow of illegal immigrants into this country and to create a “level playing field.” Analysts from both sides of the political aisle agree that NAFTA has devastated the Mexican economy to the point of the United States being flooded with economic refugees along with the political and criminal ones.

Republicans, who consistently campaign on less government, do nothing to remove the bureaucracy, regulation and taxation facing businesses that hire Americans to do work in America. Thus American businesses have been forced to break the rules by seeking cheap, exploitation-ready labor just to “compete in the global market place.”

There is no middle ground on this issue. Right now, terrorists around the world are laughing at us. No need to send suicide bombers here. A few more hurricanes and a few more years of politicians selling their souls for votes, and we’ll do the “Jihad” to ourselves. Catering to the demands of the protesters in favor of continuing illegal immigration in its present form means surrendering the sovereignty of the United States to a foreign power. And if we let that happen, we deserve whatever comes next.

Benjamin Franklin said: “We gave you a Republic, if you can keep it.” Sorry, Ben, we may be on the verge of losing this one.

(Issue #16, April 17, 2006)

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Updated April 9, 2006