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Bilderberg Book Suppressed by Portuguese

By James P. Tucker Jr.

Daniel Estulin, the Spanish journalist who has collaborated with American Free Press in exposing the world shadow government, reports that his book, Clube Bilderberg—Os Senhores do Mundo (The Bilderberg Club—Lords of the World), is being suppressed in Portugal.

AFP, having published Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary, plans to follow by publishing Clube Bilderberg in English. Someone working for Temas e Debates, the company that planned to publish his book in Portugal, said the Portuguese government is pressuring it not to not sell his Bilderberg book.

“Apparently, it really took the government by surprise and scared them,” Estulin said. “They are afraid this could turn into a world phenomenon. In fact, it is turning into a world phenomenon, as we have signed 28 countries and 21 languages.”

“The government and my publisher in Portugal are trying to suffocate this book because they are afraid it will create a groundswell that could turn into a populist movement in Portugal as it already has in Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico where the first edition of the book sold out in less than four hours and caused riots in front of the embassies,” Estulin said. “Due to the mainstream media blockade, you have not seen or heard [of this] on national television or in the press.”

Estulin is seeking to initiate a groundswell on the Internet to pressure Temas e Debates to publish his book. He is also asking that people contact media outlets.

“The more people call and harass the publisher and the government, the less willing they will be to pull this off,” Estulin said. “If we don’t do something, we will only be less free in the future. That’s what Bilderbergers want.”

(Issue #10/11, March 6 & 13, 2006)

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