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World Shadow Government Uncovered by AFP Again

By James P. Tucker Jr.

What kind of a world does the elite plan for you? Since 1954, the Bilderberg group, with the collaboration of the mainstream media, has been meeting in secret, behind closed and heavily guarded doors, to make decisions affecting virtually everyone on Earth.

This year, Bilderberg was exposed at a posh resort in a tiny village 40 miles from Munich. Bilderberg has roughly 120 participants, including international financiers, heads of state and other high officials from Europe and North America. U.S. luminaries include David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.

All recent presidents, except the current George W. Bush, have been linked, either directly or by involvement with Bilderberg’s brother group, the Trilateral Commission. The two groups have interlocking leadership and a common agenda. Here are some past presidents who have been connected:

Jerry Ford, Bilderberg; Jimmy Carter, Trilateral; Ronald Reagan, a critic of the Trilateralists until entering the White House, where he held a reception for them; Bush the Elder, Trilateral; and Bill Clinton, Bilderberg. 

The White House and the departments of state, defense and treasury are always represented at Bilderberg, along with other high officials. They lie and say they are attending no such meeting. The ritzy resort that Bilderberg takes over, banishing all other guests, also lies and says no such meeting is taking place.

See this week’s center spread for the full report on this year’s meeting of the shadowy Bilderberg group.

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