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Italian Prime Minister on Bilderberg Hit List?


By Pete Papaherakles

“A significant number of young women prostituted themselves with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi,” declared a document made public by Italian prosecutors on Jan. 17. The 74-year-old Berlusconi, a noted billionaire, is living a playboy lifestyle that easily rivals that of Bill Clinton.

But Berlusconi—Italy’s largest private media owner, operating TV and radio stations, as well as magazines and newspapers and owner of AC Milan, one of the top soccer teams in the world—reportedly is not cozy with the Bilderberg group—or, at least, the secretive clique of media moguls, global bankers, corporate titans and high-level government officials that meets behind closed doors each year is not comfortable with him.

Thus, is the current media tizzy exploding in Italy actually a politically oriented smear—especially the fuss over allegations that the prime minister had sexual relations with a 17-year-old nightclub dancer?

Berlusconi’s political views have not always been popular with the elite global ruling class. As someone who’s considered to be a “right-wing conservative,” Berlusconi opposes illegal immigration and has pledged to cut taxes.

Meanwhile, Bilderberg attendees have complained that Berlusconi’s actions will undermine the euro. The Bilderberg-controlled Washington Post has called Berlusconi “the biggest challenge yet to the young euro currency.”

Berlusconi, although quite wealthy, appears to be far removed from Bilderberg and its agenda. Interestingly, he also maintains a close friendship with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, which may also make the globalists a bit nervous, depending on how genuinely independent from Bilderberg influence Putin really is.


Considering Italy’s more tolerant attitude toward sex, with legal prostitution and the age of consent at 14, it appears that Berlusconi’s enemies are trying to take him down on a technicality.

For his part, Berlusconi, who is not trying to conceal his lifestyle, instead continues to thumb his nose at the globalists. Berlusconi denies any wrongdoing, and when asked if he plans to resign over the scandal, he told the mainstream press, “Are you mad? I’m having fun.”

In an Italy that appears to have turned into a Hollywood-style reality show, Berlusconi’s main political rival, Nichi Vendola, is an openly homosexual ex-communist named after former Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev. Vendola wears a looped diamond earring, glittering black shoes with velcro straps and a paisley scarf. He also talks with a lisp and has a boyfriend named Ed.

Vendola has accused Berlusconi of being “a slimy bourgeois” in addition to “telling anti-Semitic and homophobic jokes.”

Berlusconi responded: “It’s better to like beautiful girls than to be gay.”

His alleged “anti-Semitic” jokes have also likely fueled the vendetta waged by his enemies.

Among other things, during a party at his villa, Berlusconi was recorded telling a joke about an old Jew, who admits that “during the time of the death camps” he agreed to hide another Jew in his cellar, but forced him to pay $4,000 a day because “we are Jews.”

The joke’s punch line has the landlord asking his family if he should finally admit to the man in his cellar that Hitler is dead and that the war is over.

Peter Papaherakles is AFP’s outreach director. He is Greek-American and has been living in America for nearly 40 years. Pete is also a talented illustrator, portraitist and cartoonist who can be commissioned. Contact him via email at [email protected] or write him c/o AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

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(Issue # 7, February 14, 2011)

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