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Bilderberg Paper Censors the News

By Fred Lingel

The Washington Post blackout of the story of Hispanic citizens and legal residents opposing protesters and advocating strong border controls and no amnesty is only the latest incident in a long history of denying readers information that fails to fit its view of the world.

The most obvious is the 100 percent blackout of secret Bilderberg meetings, even though every Post publisher has attended since 1954. Publisher Donald Graham and Associate Editor Jimmy Lee Hoagland are regulars, but keep their promises of absolute silence to the international financier and political leaders.

A few years ago, authors of a study by the Environmental Protection Agency claiming that second-hand smoke kills 35,000 Americans every year were summoned to a House hearing. Under pain of perjury, the authors admitted that the study was a fabrication and they had been told in advance what to conclude.

Other newspapers carried this shocking story. But the Post spiked it, having decided it was not good for readers to have this information. If you want a paper that chooses what you should know and not know, subscribe to the Post.

(Issue #20, May 15, 2006)

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Updated May 8, 2006