Updated January 29, 2005

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Bilderberg Plans Spring Scheming Session

Bilderberg Plans Spring Scheming Session



By James P. Tucker Jr.




The Bilderberg steering committee was exposed holding its winter meeting at a nostalgic location—the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland where the secret society got its name in 1954. The Jan. 21-23 meeting was discovered by Henk Ruyssenaars of the Foreign

Press Foundation.

“The Bilderberg Conference is taking place in Oosterbeek, but the chance of getting invited—or even getting some normal press information—is as big a chance

as a snowball has in hell,” Ruyssenaars wrote.

He quoted a news source as saying that Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende “advocated the infamous U.S.-made New World Order” while addressing Bilderberg. “And they’re all selling out to friends and financiers, bleeding countries and people for profit.”

From the Netherlands, Ruyssenaars told AFP

that he could only identify then-Secretary of State Colin Powell as attending.

David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and high officials of the U.S. government normally attend these committee sessions as well as the major meeting during the spring. But their presence could not be confirmed.

Washington Post publisher Donald Graham and associate editor Jimmy Lee Hoagland routinely attend but keep their oath of secrecy to Bilderberg, as do reporters from major financial news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and The Financial Times.

“None of the waiters could even be bribed, because they all work for the respective secret services and there’s no welcoming press accreditation,” Ruyssenaars said. “On the contrary, getting too close means getting into trouble with heavily armed crooks guarding other mostly unarmed global crooks,” he said.

It is unclear whether Bilderberg luminaries who regularly attend the major spring meeting have been told the location for this year. In past years, they would receive letters in January and February with exact dates and locations.

In recent years, as publicity in Europe mounted and security measures increased, Bilderberg has been holding back to reduce the possibility of “leaks.” Luminaries would receive “hold these dates” notices and be told where to go as the meeting time drew near.

American Free Press and European journalists are collaborating, as usual, in pursuing Bilderberg this year. The blackout in the mainstream media in the United States remains absolute.


James P. Tucker has been exclusively reporting on the secret Bilderberg meetings since 1975. His book on the Bilderbergers, published by AFP, is expected to be available by summer.


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