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Elite Meeting to Be Held in Istanbul; But Exact Confab Site Still a Mystery


By James P. Tucker Jr.

The Turkish Embassy confirmed May 7 that Bilderberg would meet May 31-June 3 in Istanbul but was unable to say precisely where. The economics office said Bilderberg refused to disclose the location because the meeting is “private.” Of the dates and Istanbul-area site, there is no doubt. This has been confirmed.

“It is very confidential; they will not say where they will be in Istanbul,” said an embassy secretary who said to call her “Santafey” as in Santa Fe. “It will be in Istanbul, but they won’t say where.”

In addition, embattled IMF head Paul Wolfowitz told a Turkish reporter recently that he would be in Istanbul for an upcoming meeting of the Bilderberg group. Managing editor Christopher J. Petherick said this reporter would go to Istanbul “to chase down Bilderberg even if he has to spend all his time there looking for resorts surrounded by armed guards and tanks.”

Perhaps placing the elite conference in the midst of a major metropolitan area, with literally hundreds and hundeds of possible hotel and conference sites, instead of an isolated resort, isn’t such a bid idea. It could even be held in a government facility for all we know.

But problems mount—costs are soaring. The travel agency that has booked my Bilderberg trips for three decades said discounts have been discontinued.

Julia Foster, AFP’s office manager, scoured the Internet looking for lower prices. After holding out for round-trip prices less than $1,400, the price shot up to nearly $2,000.

Much of the Bilderberg agenda is known: establishing an “American Union” covering the entire Western Hemisphere with the “amero” as the common currency in another step toward world government. But how will Bilderberg handle setbacks in Europe, where the European Union is falling into disfavor?

Much of the recent rise in “nationalism” (a profanity to the internationalists) can be attributed to Bilderberg exposure.

For more than 10 years—since 1994—major European newspapers and broadcasters have collaborated with AFP to expose Bilderberg. Major newspapers give Bilderberg heavy front-page coverage. Major broadcasters cover Bilderberg in depth. But in the United States, Bilderberg is blacked out, except for AFP’s little candle.

AFP correspondent James P. Tucker Jr. is a veteran journalist who spent many years as a member of the “elite” media in Washington. Since 1975 he has won widespread recognition, here and abroad, for his pursuit of on-thescene stories reporting the intrigues of global power blocs.

(Issue #21, May 21, 2007)

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Updated May 12, 2007