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Bilderberger Ralph Reed Making a Comeback


By Michael Collins Piper

The New York Times is hailing and promoting the return to the political arena of scandal-tainted Ralph Reed, the 49-year-old Christian right leader and Bilderberg figure who first rose to power and wide-reaching influence as the founding executive director of evangelist Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition.

The Times focused on Reed’s new incarnation as the founder of a non-profit political advocacy group known as the Faith and Freedom Coalition that Reed says will build a direct-mail and fundraising file of some 29 million conservative voters. Reed and his operation will undoubtedly be a major force in directing the aims and agenda of the tea party movement in the days ahead.

Within the next two years, Reed brags that he expects to spend $15 million to $18 million pushing a political agenda that is essentially designed to maintain control of the substantial evangelical voting bloc in America.

This, of course, means that these voters will be under the sway of Reed’s behind-the-scenes masters. You see, Reed is a tried and true inductee into the international global elite as demonstrated by the fact that in 2004 he attended the Bilderberg group’s 50th anniversary meeting in Stresa, Italy. Reed’s attendance was a clear sign that he has the sponsorship of some of the world’s most powerful families and financial groups.

Bilderberg meetings—which have been thoroughly investigated, exclusively in the American media by AFP correspondent Jim Tucker—have been conducted annually for more than half a century under the direction of the Rothschild banking dynasty of Europe in collaboration with their American satellites in the sphere of influence of the Rockefeller empire.

That Reed—who has been central to a number of corruption scandals during his career—is now being “rehabilitated” by The New York Times, which is always represented at Bilderberg, is a sure sign that Reed is expected to play a major role in political affairs in the coming election.


Reed first got caught up in some unpleasantness when he was forced to resign as director of the Christian Coalition after the coalition’s chief financial officer went to authorities with allegations of over-billing of the coalition by a mailing list vendor with close ties to Reed. Although he was never charged with any crimes, his reputation as a good Christian man was nonetheless sullied.

Later, Reed was caught red-handed in unseemly collaboration with the sordid Jack Abramoff, the high-powered Republican activist turned Washington lobbyist—a devout Orthodox Jew with ties to hardliners in Israel—who later went to prison in a scandal that implicated dozens of congressmen and their staffers.

In collaboration with Abramoff, Reed utilized his influence among evangelicals to wage heavy-handed lobbying campaigns against a number of efforts by American Indian tribes to establish gambling casinos.

Portraying gambling as a scourge against Christian and public morality, Reed was actually being secretly paid by Abramoff to wage public relations efforts to shut down or stop the establishment of gambling enterprises run by Indian tribes that were rivals to other tribes paying Abramoff to lobby on behalf of their own ventures.

All of this dirty behind-the-scenes double-dealing came to the fore when the Justice Department began investigating Abramoff, but—once again—Reed avoided criminal charges at state and federal levels.

Now, however, Reed is back in the saddle, having amassed his own fortune as a public-relations man working for such clients as software giant Microsoft and the infamous Enron operation, which, in the public’s eye, was viewed as a “Texas oil giant” but was, in fact, a venture under the control of the New-York based Belfer family, a little-known but wealthy and quietly influential force in the Zionist movement.

Watch out for Reed. He’s going to play no small role in the political affairs of our republic during the months and years ahead.

A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, Dirty Secrets, The Judas Goats, The Golem, Target Traficant and My First Days in the White House All are available from AFP.

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(Issue # 33, August 15, 2011)

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