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Former Minnesota Governor Reveals Black Box Mystery


By Victor Thorn

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura’s Dec. 9 broadcast of Conspiracy Theory ended with a major disclosure. Not only did recovery and rescue worker Mike Bellone reiterate earlier 2004 claims that the FBI had recovered three of the four “black boxes” from Ground Zero of the World Trade Center, but he also quoted a supervisor for American Airlines Flight 11.

This woman monitored the actual live transmissions emanating from this airliner; and according to her, the “hijackers” were already in the plane’s cockpit prior to takeoff. Further, she claimed others on the ground were fully aware of this situation while Flight 11 taxied on the runway, and they still allowed it to take off.

Initially, Bellone promised to produce this employee for Ventura, but she declined an interview at the last minute out of fear for her life. After having her house, car and cell phone bugged, federal officials frightened her into not talking. Bellone also divulged that FBI officials told him not to discuss this matter with the media.

Could this startling revelation be the reason why 9-11 Commission members determined that no black boxes had been located in the rubble? If the American public listened to these recordings and heard Arabic (as well as English) being spoken in the cockpit before take-off, the entire scam would be revealed.

However, this line of reasoning doesn’t imply that the “19 terrorists” blamed for this attack were actually the perpetrators. Instead, it adds further weight to the premise that they filled the role of patsies. For starters, there is still no concrete evidence that any of these individuals ever boarded the four flights. Rather, were they merely useful idiots who mistakenly thought they were partaking in a hijacking, when in reality Flights 11 and 175 were operated via remote control after take-off to strike WTC 1 and 2? In this sense, similar to Lee Harvey Oswald, who had an elaborate “legend” created around himself prior to the JFK assassination and was deliberately placed on the scene; were they too the byproducts of an elaborately constructed plot to shift blame away from the actual culprits?


Additional evidence of a cover-up arose when Ventura questioned FBI counter-terrorism expert Jack Cloonan, who stated rhetorically, “Does the U.S. government do things in the dead of night that they don’t want seen in the light of day? Of course they do.”

Then, when told that September 11 may be the first time ever in the history of recorded flight where four black boxes completely vanished, Cloonan replied, “So what?”

Airline investigative expert Dave Leppard also acknowledged that he’d never once been at a crash site where the black boxes (actually orange) had not been discovered. He then proceeded to describe how these very distinct, bright orange boxes made out of titanium are virtually indestructible. “The odds are almost zero percent that they’re not found,” he concluded.

Journalist Dave Lindorff next weighed in by recounting a meeting he had with NTSB officials. After inquiring whether the FBI had secured these devices, he was asked, “Do you want the real answer, or the official answer?” An official then disclosed that all four boxes were in the FBI’s possession. Lindorff summarized the great trick played on us.

“Investigators found fingernail-sized shards of bone to identify the victims, yet we’re to believe that all four black boxes are still missing?” [The four six-ton engines from flights 11 and 175 also vanished, according to the government.—Ed.]

Mike Bellone, who worked at Ground Zero for 257 straight days, actually saw one of the recovered boxes three to four weeks after the WTC collapses, and personally witnessed the FBI loading this equipment onto a tractor-trailer. He also referred to New York City firefighter Nicholas Demasi, who claims to have been present when “locaters” found two other boxes.

Why hasn’t the public been made aware of these groundbreaking developments? Ventura stated pointblank, “Government officials knowingly destroyed all the evidence at that crime scene. They got rid of every shred of evidence. They melted it down, built ships out of it, or put it on a boat to China.”

What little else remains is stored at the mysterious Hanger 17 at New York’s JFK Airport. Absolutely no one is allowed access to this evidence.

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of many books on 9-11 and the New World Order. These include 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Role in 9-11 and Phantom Flight 93.

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(Issue # 52, December 28, 2009)

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