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Botched UK Policies, Rampant Immigration—Not Afghan Peasants—A Real Threat to Britain

From the British News Service

Third World immigration and twisted British foreign policy are the primary causes of the terrorist threat to Britain, and not peasants in Afghanistan, the British National Party’s defense spokesman, Peter Mullins, said.

Speaking to BNP News after reviewing the announcement by Gordon Brown that the “Taliban war was keeping the UK safe,” Mullins said it was obvious to anyone with half a brain that Afghan peasants on the other side of the world represented no threat to Britain.

“Mr. Brown is utterly delusional and pig-ignorant, or a psychopathic liar,” Mullins said. “The only threat to Britain today comes as a result of mass immigration which has caused a large pool of Islamist fanatics to settle in our country.

“British foreign policy—which consists of supporting every cause in the world which is hostile to our interests—serves to incite this already hostile population into committing acts of terrorism against British people. It is so obvious that only a madman could not see it. But perhaps that is precisely what we are dealing with,” Mullins said.

Brown said that war was a “patriotic duty to keep the streets of Britain safe from the threat of terrorist attack.” This comes as a double insult on top of the recent heavy losses suffered by British forces in Afghanistan.

Brown acknowledged that there was public concern about the campaign, but he insisted that it was part of a “clear strategy” to clear the terrorist networks from Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to protect the streets of Britain.


“The sheer idiocy of Brown’s arguments was so stupefying that it was nearly overwhelming,” Mullins, a former Vulcan Royal Air Force bomber team member, said. “Why does he think there are Muslims, born and bred in Britain, fighting alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan? The presence of British-born Muslims in Afghanistan fighting and killing British soldiers there has been confirmed by SAS Brigadier Ed Butler, who said that there are British passport holders who live in the UK who are being found in places like Kandahar.

“Earlier this year, it was revealed that RAF Nimrod spy planes monitoring Taliban radio signals in Afghanistan had heard militants speaking with Yorkshire and Midlands accents,” he continued.

“Brigadier Butler also said in public that British intervention in Afghanistan had inspired militant Islamic groups in Southeast Asia to support terrorist plots in Britain. This would not have happened if the government—supported by the Conservative Party— had not become involved in that war in the first place.”

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(Issue # 31, August 3, 2009)

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