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Uninvited Politicians Fail to Crash Bilderberg Meeting


By Mark Anderson

ST. MORITZ, Switzerland—Anti-Bilderberg rally attendees gathered on the evenings of June 10 and 11 at the quaint Hotel Randolins above the Bilderberg group’s meeting place—in order to hear three national lawmakers and others speak about Bilderberg, and about Switzerland’s attempts to retain its sovereignty and cultural/national identity.

The June 10 rally featured Swiss National Council member Dominique Baettig, who became internationally known for writing letters to two top Swiss law enforcement officials, asking that Bilderberg not be allowed to convene in Switzerland (AFP, June 6, 2011).

It turned out that his requests were unsuccessful, but he earned plenty of plaudits for his tenacity. So, Baettig led a group of 40 activists on foot to the Suvretta House hotel around 11:15 p.m. to request admission into the Bilderberg meeting. As a respected Swiss lawmaker, he wanted to know what the attendees were discussing.

But while Swiss President Doris Leuthard was inside among the Bilderbergers with other select Swiss nationals, Baettig—a member of his nation’s largest political party, the Swiss People’s Party (SVP)—was denied entry after police called and asked if he could enter.

“I just want to see what they are talking about, and maybe have a drink at the bar,” Baettig remarked, just before he approached security to request admission. Notably, another legislator tried to enter. Mario Borghezio, an Italian representative in the European Parliament, reportedly was roughed up and arrested by Bilderberg security upon trying to enter Suvretta House on June 9. In a phone call with AFP, Swiss police admitted Borghezio’s arrival, and confirmed he had been detained, questioned and released.

After he was denied entry into the Bilderberg meeting, Baettig noted: “We tried [to enter] . . . it’s a sorry state for this country.”


A resolute guy with a gentle persona, Baettig intended to inquire on whether longtime Bilderberger and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was in town and, if he was, press forward with convincing Swiss police to arrest Kissinger and have him extradited to Spain to face war-crimes charges.

Baettig was joined at the June 10 rally by two fellow SVP legislators, Lucas Reimann and Pirmin Schwander. They both rapped Bilderberg and spoke for Swiss sovereignty, but some wondered why they did not accompany Beattig to Suvretta House despite ample opportunity to do so. Several rally attendees agreed that three legislators would have presented a united front, making Baettig’s Bilderberg-entry request harder to deny.

Had Baettig been allowed in, that would have been a first in Bilderberg’s history. Reimann did say on the radio show hosted by Alex Jones, as confirmed later by AFP in a chat with Schwander, that Swiss legislation exists to get Switzerland out of the International Monetary Fund.

Meanwhile, there have been allegations that longtime SVP member Christoph Blocher has rubbed elbows with Bilderberg and might not uphold SVP’s resistance to Swiss incorporation into the EU.

Two Swiss activists familiar with their nation’s affairs told the AFP team upon its arrival in Zurich that there was a lack of confidence in young Toni Brunner, another prominent SVP member who, they fear, might succumb to pressure to surrender Swiss traditions.

Speaking before a rally on June 11, this AFP writer stressed to the enthusiastic attendees that Switzerland plays a key role, due to its central location and proud traditions of neutrality and peace, to stop the full consummation of the European Union.

A copy of AFP’s Bilderberg Files, a booklet of news clips, correspondence and other materials detailing Bilderberg back to its founding in 1954, was circulated to politicians and activists to show the history of this globalist gathering. (See page 12 for more.)

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(Issue # 26, June 27, 2011)

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