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Dreaded Global Tax On Americans Still On G-8’s Agenda

Citizens must remain vigilant; resist the many stealth taxes the UN is looking to impose

By James P. Tucker Jr.

The most significant development at the Group of 8 meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, was blacked out in the mainstream media: a global tax remains on the agenda despite U.S. objections. Like three world tax plans that have been pending for years before the United Nations, the media blackout is a “stealth plan” to impose such a levy with the public being largely unaware.

G-8 leaders, as they did a year ago, endorsed some type of world tax. Again, they are appealing to mankind’s innate kindness, saying such tax revenues would be used to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Of the three proposals, the favorite of Bilderberg and other world government advocates is a tax on oil at the well head, meaning most citizens would pay a direct tax to the UN every time they buy gas or oil products for any purpose. Others are taxes on international travel and international financial transfers.

Initially, the oil tax would be so small that it would add only a fraction of a penny to a gallon of gas. Americans would pay the tax for years in blissful ignorance.

But the power to tax is important to establishing a world government and eroding national sovereignty.

So the global tax effort being played out at the UN and G-8 is a “stealth” campaign with a complete media blackout. It is promoted quietly by Bilderberg and think tanks. In an article distributed by Project Syndicate, a media vehicle supported by Bilderberg billionaire George Soros, World Bank economist Branko Milanovic wrote:

“Global redistribution through taxes that would be levied by an international body may seem far-fetched today, but the logic of development that we are witnessing—particularly the move away from nation-states as the locus of sovereignty—suggests that it may eventually come to pass.”

Fortunately, Congress is waking up to the mischief. Sens. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) introduced legislation July 11 to penalize the UN by withholding American funding if it advocates, promotes or tries to impose global taxes on U.S. citizens.

(Issue #31, July 31st, 2006)

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Updated July 22, 2006