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By Willis A. Carto

The Great Minds assure us they are always hard at work trying to figure out ways to escape from the mess that is the American economy today.

The U.S. is currently running a deficit of $4 billion a day (Total: $14 trillion plus) as a tsunami of foreign manufacturers and products— even including food—pours into the American market via fleets of heavily laden freighters.

Accordingly, the national debt piles up and the Great Minds either wonder how America will handle approaching national bankruptcy or ignore altogether this extremely important event.

Meanwhile, banksters and greedy American corporations gleefully behold their empty and decaying factories and starving workers and their families after noting their huge profits from buying overseas cheaply and selling these products dearly to the American consumer.


However, these parasites do not forget to make a contribution—call it an investment—to various nonprofit institutions that promote the evil delusion of so-called free trade.

These institutions are peopled by a class that is in a position to reward themselves handsomely with huge salaries and expense allowances. An observer could even say that these gentry are involved in shameless fraud. They call themselves “libertarians” and profess a doctrine that unprejudiced observers see as a religion, for that is exactly what it is.

Libertarians see themselves as fighters against the undoubted evils of big government. They love freedom so much, they say, that they would eliminate all national boundaries and install their devilish doctrine of free trade universally. Thus, if a worker in one country—say, the U.S.A.—loses his job making widgets because of foreign imports, he could move to another country—say, China—and get a job there making the same widgets he made in America. Of course, he would be paid a tenth of what he was paid back home.

That, in a nuttyshell, is the libertarian doctrine of free trade.

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(Issue # 23, June 6, 2011)

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