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Freedompalooza Festival a Stunning Success


By Peter Papaherakles

Paul Topete, lead singer of the patriot band Pokerface, was the organizer of Freedompalooza, an Independence Day weekend festival held near Easton, Pa. at a 23-acre private venue along the Delaware River.

While driving through smalltown, U.S.A. in southeastern Pennsylvania and seeing American flags flying high on their flagpoles in front of old stone and brick colonials, it was hard to not feel a bit choked up with patriotism.

The event was scheduled to feature 10 speakers and 10 bands, both on Saturday and Sunday, but fell a bit short of that as rainfall on Sunday forced some cancelations. Nevertheless, Saturday was a beautiful day as patriots gathering together from several surrounding states mingled across the wide-open field while music filled the air. Many of the attendees were pitching tents for the night at the edge of the field where the wooded area began.

The “palooza” started at noon and continued until nightfall as speakers alternated with rock ‘n’ roll bands, allowing the crowd to enjoy the great weather and patriotic atmosphere.

Speakers included Jim Condit, who has been instrumental in exposing voting machine fraud among other things, Obama presidential disqualification movement pioneer Phil Berg, IRS protester and self-described “enemy of the state” Larken Rose and anti-Fed activist Mike Salvi.


The one who really stole the show, however, was AFP’s own populist hero Jim Traficant. The former congressman talked about the dire condition our country is in due to a Congress totally dominated by special interest groups, and he offered commonsense solutions to bring the nation back from the brink of disaster. He ended on a lighter note as he amused the audience with anecdotes from his days as a U.S. representative.

Topete and Pokerface took the stage after that and rocked the house with their particular brand of patriot music that has become their trademark. Of special interest and timeliness was a song called Revolution dedicated to Traficant. Other bands included the Ameros, Payday Monsanto and Scrap Metal Bomb.

Asked what he thought of the event, Topete said he was very pleased and is planning to do it again at the same place next year.

“My greatest pleasure was to have Jim Traficant speak at this event,” he said. Referring to the upcoming 2012 elections, he asked to be quoted: “Please run, Mr. Traficant. You are my president.” He also thanked AMERICAN FREE PRESS for all its support.

Condit voiced the same sentiments: “No one in the country is more qualified to run for president than Jim Traficant. America desperately needs Jim to run. We’ll never have another chance; 2012 will be the end of the road.”

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(Issue # 29 & 30, July 18 & 25, 2011)

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