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American Free Press Discovers Possible Bilderberg Meeting Site


By James P. Tucker Jr.

The shadowy globalist group known as Bilderberg is expected to meet May 31-June 3 in Istanbul, Turkey, according to Danny Estulin, a European writer who has been helping American Free Press cover the internationalist gathering for the past several years. But exactly where is yet to be determined.

The annual Bilderberg meeting draws some of the most powerful elitists from Europe and North America together for the purpose of discussing and influencing world markets in order to further globalization. Every year, the confab is held in a secret location, and there are never any press releases or spokesmen divulging what transpired.

Typically, Bilderberg will meet in a resort, perhaps 20 to 40 miles from a city, that is isolated so heavy security can seal if off, keeping all uninvolved people outside. All non-Bilderberg guests must check out by Wednesday, May 30, as armed guards are deployed and barricades set up. Bilderberg’s advance staff comes rolling in as other guests are evicted.

The above description fits numerous establishments in and around Istanbul. If you happen to be familiar with Istanbul, and have an idea, please email us at [email protected] or call the office in Washington Monday through Friday.

So far, with much help, this reporter has been able to expose Bilderberg on an annual basis. But, until the site and dates are firmly established, it is difficult to pin down the group.

There have been some cliffhangers on Bilderberg’s location before. In 2000, we were sure of the dates and that the meeting would be held in or near Brussels, Belgium. I was at the National Press Club in Washington, my suitcase and typewriter in hand, waiting for the cab to Dulles airport.

Then came a call from a long-time collaborator, an international financial adviser who knows many Bilderberg luminaries and is able, sometimes, to cajole them into providing information. He said Bilderberg would meet at the Chateau du Lac, about 20 miles outside Brussels. I called into the newspaper just in time for page one to be revised with the precise site.

Another close call came in 2005. I had tricked a Bilderberger into saying the meeting would be held in “early May” and “somewhere in Germany.” I called Danny in Spain, who began tracking. Later, I got a call at night from Managing Editor Christopher Petherick.

 “Grab your other pair of socks and head to Dulles Airport—you’re going to Rottach-Egern,” he said.


The powerful hand of Bilderberg has been detected behind the secret move to establish a “North American Union” that is to expand into a European-style “American Union” covering the entire Western Hemisphere.

This has long been a goal of the Bilderberg-Trilateral cabal but both were able to keep their direct involvement hidden until now. Honorary chairman of the Council of the Americas, which advises the conspirators, is David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission (TC). He shares power in Bilderberg with the Rothschilds of Britain and Europe.

Its board members come from powerful international firms represented at secret Bilderberg and Trilateral meetings each year: Merck, Ford, CitiBank, IBM, Exxon Mobil, General Electric (which owns NBC News and MSNBC), Time, Inc. Kissinger Associates and the Carlyle Group.

Heavily involved in a secret session planning the North American Union, in which the United States, Canada and Mexico would eliminate borders and surrender national sovereignty, is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which serves as the propaganda ministry for the Bilderberg-TC cabal. Many Bilderberg and TC members also belong to the CFR.

During a conference at American University in Washington recently, these internationalists called for the union of the United States, Mexico and Canada in a “North American Union,” with a Court of Justice that would be superior to the U.S. Supreme Court and other super-state machinery.

Except for CNN’s Lou Dobbs, who called it “utterly mad,” the event was ignored by the mainstream press.

An effort to morally degrade the United States also turned up at this session. Laura Spitz of the University of Colorado Law School said the proposed Charter of Fundamental Human Rights for North America could force America to recognize homosexual “marriages” even if U.S. courts and legislative bodies disagree. Economic integration with Canada would make it virtually impossible for the United States not to recognize same-sex “marriage,” which is legal in Canada, she argued.

“What does citizenship mean anymore?” asked Stephen Zamora of the University of Houston Law School. He expressed pleasure when a woman in the audience said she had dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States. Zamora said he was as concerned for citizens living in Mexico as those in the United States.

Another program being pushed is to establish a $200 billion North American Investment Fund, all of which is to be used to improve prosperity in Mexico. American taxpayers would cough up $80 billion of this, not to increase the standard of living for Americans, but for Mexicans.

This, they claimed, could help reduce corruption, which is part of the culture of Mexico. In other words, bribery is expected in Mexico (as well as throughout Africa and Asia) but a felony in the U.S. See page 9 for more on this.

License to pursue the North American Union was issued in March 2005 when the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) was created, based on a memo signed by President Bush and the leaders of Mexico and Canada. It was called “a trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity among the United States, Canada and Mexico through greater cooperation and information sharing.”

But all the steps have been taken in secret.

For the United States, SSP is officially coordinated by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez. But the hands-on work is directed by the powerful influence peddling of globalists in the Bilderberg-TC cabal.

(Issue #20, May 14, 2007)

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