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Alternative Health

Whole Body Health is a special health publication provided free for subscribers of American Free Press. The paper itself also has weekly stories on the latest health developments. A selection of these stories, as well as a sample PDF issue of Whole Body Health, is below.

Sample Issue of Whole Body Health

Health Activist Says Simple Supplementation With Vitamin D3 Could Have Amazing Effects

Legislator Urges Ban on Fluoride

The Unhealthy Consequences of Chloraminated Water

Remote Control Rodent ‘Ratbots’ Pass First Tests

Indiscriminate Antibiotics Use Harms

Misinformation on ‘Mad Cow’ Disease Threatens America’s Family Farms

Anti-Vaccination Forces Get Much-Needed Shot in Arm

FDA Protects Drug Cartel

Naturally-Occurring Hormone Can Restore Strength and Vigor

Diet Full of Raw Fruits and Vegetables Can Help You Achieve Ideal Weight

Fluoride Is Poison, Says Dartmouth Doctor

How Much Vitamin C Is Too Much?

You Can Treat Your Allergies Herbally

Autism Linked to Vaccines, Fillings




Updated September 14, 2007