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Brussels Tribunal Wants High-Seas Killers Charged


By Victor Thorn

As global awareness of Israeli terrorism continues to grow following the May 31 Mavi Marmara assault, an especially vocal critic is the Belgian-based Brussels Tribunal. On June 6, this writer interviewed a member of its executive committee, Dr. Ian Douglas. His words reflect the gravity of our current situation.

“Israel is seemingly unconcerned about committing murder in front of the eyes of the world,” said Douglas. Commenting specifically on their attack of a humanitarian aid ship in international waters, he said unabashedly: “This is not murder; it is destruction. There is a level of violence here that is sadistic and vengeful.”

Douglas next quoted an outspoken and acclaimed researcher in the field.

“Norman Finkelstein recently said that Israel is now a lunatic state with 300 nuclear warheads. He is right; and it is time, before the unimaginable occurs, that the world deals with this massive threat represented by Israel. A fitting analogy is Macbeth. Israel has so much blood on its hands that it sees phantoms everywhere, and can only go forward by more killing.”

When asked of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s deceptive claim that those aboard the Mavi Marmara were “violent supporters of terrorism,” Douglas responded, “Netanyahu is the violent supporter of terrorism, and an instigator of it: the terror of the Israeli state against the Palestinians. This flotilla was bringing wheelchairs, medical supplies and basic goods. It seems, for Netanyahu, it’s a terrorist act to help the disabled.”

The genesis of this situation began when high-level powerbrokers illegally seized land and created a rogue nation in 1948.

“Israel simply cannot face up to its own bloody origin,” said Douglas. “It is a settler state, founded in violence by individuals who came from outside Arab countries.”

The result has been a bona fide, centuries-long massacre against nearly everyone in the region. “Israel is no longer able to perpetuate this genocide
against the Palestinian people, at least not without consequence,” he said. “Brave souls like those aboard the Mavi Marmara will continue their attempts to break Israel’s stranglehold over the Palestinians and expose their propaganda.”

When questioned about Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogen’s denunciation of Israel’s murderous deeds, Douglas furthered the notion: “Israel’s crimes are practically numberless. Decade upon decade, we see incident after incident.”

He then offered a solution: “The international community must cut all economic ties, all defense coordination and contracts, and all diplomatic, intellectual and cultural links with Israel until Zionism is recognized as racism. Until this happens, Israel continues to be the single biggest threat to world peace. The possibility of a better society will keep being suffocated by the black hole of Israel’s insistence on perpetuating injustice against the Palestinians.”

Douglas next addressed the Goldstone Report and the Mossad assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai. “The overwhelming majority of the world’s population knows that Israel is a lunatic state that insists on racial and religious purity,” he said. “They are at war with all their neighbors, and practice brutality morning, noon and night.”


Of course, American leaders insist on blindly following and enabling Israel’s pathological bloodlust and reign of terror, despite global condemnation, he said. The key is energy and natural resources. “When America spends $200,000 a minute on oil, you can guess how important it is to keep the Arabs from realizing their geo-economic potential.”

He continued that thought: “Ultimately, it comes down to the internal system of power in the United States. It’s one built on the consumption of oil. If that system collapsed, how would America’s elite keep 300 million people in line? Consumption in the United States is a technology of government, and its currency is oil.”

Following the Mavi Marmara slaughter, Barack Obama’s tepid response was nearly identical to how Bush and Cheney would have reacted.

Douglas provides some invaluable insights here: “Washington has become indistinguishable from Tel Aviv, or vice versa. Obama is either unwilling, unable or doesn’t want to break free from that.”

Worse, Douglas fails to see any profound shift in our future foreign policy.

“I feel genuinely sorry for those who bought into the lies of hope and change,” he said. “Obama might be able to sell hope in America, but the Palestinians have no hope in Obama. He won’t help them, and never intended to.”

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of many books on 9-11 and the New World Order. These include 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Role in 9-11 and Phantom Flight 93.

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(Issue # 26, June 28, 2010)

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