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Gun Company Hires Mother’s Assassin

Vicki Weaver’s FBI killer now a spokesman for South Dakota gunmaker


By Pat Shannan

An American gun manufacturer has hired a professional killer to tout the merits of its weapons. What better spokesman could a company have than one who has shot and killed a young mother with her baby in her arms?

The South Dakota company’s Internet website has proudly published a letter attesting the greatness of its new sniper weapon.

“Pound-for-pound, component-for-component, dollar- for-dollar, you will not find a better rifle,” says the new spokesman for H-S Precision in Rapid City. His name is Lon Horiuchi, a government assassin who retired from the FBI in 2006. AFP called to ask him if this was also the weapon he used to blow away the face of Vicki Weaver at the remote area of Ruby Ridge in Idaho in 1992, but he did not return the calls.

On Aug. 21, 1992, U.S. marshals perpetrated a sneak attack on the mountain cabin of the Randy Weaver family in northern Idaho. When the family dog, Striker, a docile and loving golden retriever, began to bark at the agents, they shot him dead “because he was giving away our position,” one said later. Sammy Weaver, 14, saw the incident and screamed, and the agents nearly blew his arm off (the impact of which spun him around), and then zippered him through the back with a three-round blast from automatic weapons. The boy was dead before he hit the ground. His father, Randy, later told this writer that when he got to him, “his chest was blown out and his heart was like raw hamburger.”

The marshal directing the raid, Bill Degan, was also killed, maybe by his own men.

During the afternoon and night, all sorts of deceptive information was being transmitted from the scene to the FBI headquarters in Washington. The marshals, desperate after being caught in the act of breaking the law, had made up all kinds of cover-up stories—the most outrageous being that the Weaver family had them pinned down for eight hours in an all-day shootout in which Randy’s 16- and 10-year-old daughters had been holding them off with high-powered weapon fire from the windows of the cabin.


Rather than eight hours, the whole situation had lasted closer to eight seconds at a location where the young girls were not even present. However, not only did the news media trumpet the lie, but Attorney General Janet Reno and the FBI brass in Washington bought it, too.

By nightfall, a government jet was hauling a mob of retaliatory killers from the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team to Idaho.

The next morning FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi lurked in the woods outside the cabin. When Randy and 16-year-old Sarah came out to visit the body of Sammy in a shed a few feet away, he shot Randy in the back as he reached for the latch. Fortunately, the bullet did not seriously wound him. Hearing the shot, Vicki opened the front door

for them and friend Kevin Harris, who was later tried and  acquitted (self-defense) for the murder of Marshal Degan, as they fled back into the house.

As Mrs. Weaver stood in the doorway holding her baby, Horiuchi delivered the next .308 slug through her right temple. Horiuchi was nearly prosecuted in 1997 by the State of Idaho but his lawyers were successful in getting the case removed to federal court where it was easy to get it dismissed.

Even though this incident happened most of two decades ago, Horiuchi’s name was instantly recognized by someone perusing a print catalog from H-S Precision and saw the letter printed on its back cover.  When he sent it across the Internet, the response of outrage began from the many others who remembered.

“I hope I am not alone in wanting to see a boycott against HS Precision,” said one. “We should let them know how we feel about people who murder women holding their babies and how we feel about businesses who brag about murderers using their weapon to commit their murders.”

“One of the murderers at Ruby Ridge and Waco used in an ad?” wrote another. “Killer of innocent women and children used to sell rifles? How sick does it get? This is almost like Oliver North getting a TV show. Let’s put him back in hiding. He should be in prison but since we have no control over that, let’s at least not let him have a normal life.”

Ill-publicized at the time, the later Waco investigation showed that Delta Force and the FBI’s HRT team were on the ground at the Branch Davidian church near Waco on April 19, 1993. When the fire broke out— all surviving Davidians said that it was not set by them—the assassination teams fired hundreds of rounds at the fleeing church members as they tried to escape.

This was confirmed by the FBI’s own FLIR tapes shot from a hovering aircraft at 4,000 feet. It was long ago confirmed that Lon Horiuchi was on the ground that day, firing and presumably murdering more innocent people.

It makes an investigator want to ask, where else was he during his murderous career and who else might have been among his victims? Was Horiuchi in Lawrence County, Ark. in June of 1983 when the FBI and U. S. marshals murdered an unarmed and defenseless Gordon Kahl? How about in Philadelphia in 1985 when the black ghetto was bombed and burned down? OKC police Sergeant Terry Yeakey complained to his wife and friends of being hounded by the FBI only one day before he was found murdered on May 8, 1996. Was Lon Horiuchi in Oklahoma that week?

And consider the many “Arkancides” during Bill Clinton’s gubernatorial and presidential regimes. Where was Horiuchi on 40 different dates in the 1980s and 1990s? That’s a topic for another time.

[Call H/S Precision at 605-341-3006. Ask for Josh.—Ed.]

Pat Shannan is the assistant editor of American Free Press.

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(Issue # 49 & 50, December 8 & 15, 2008)

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