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THE HOUSE APPROVED EXPANDING federal “hate” crime laws to include homosexuals and transvestites on May 3, further expanding the role of Washington bureaucrats in policing your thoughts.

Since state and local governments punish crimes—whatever the thought processes of the criminal—more severely than federal laws, the only real goal is expansion of Washington power.

They succeed because of the ignorance of Americans. Democrats made a big thing in the 2000 election of George Bush, then governor of Texas, refusing to allow the federal government to prosecute three white hoodlums who killed an aged black man, dragging him to death behind a pickup truck. Texas prosecuted those thugs. Two of them were sentenced to death and the third was sent to prison for the rest of his life. The federal law permits no death penalty.

Already protected under the law are blacks, Jews and other “minorities.” Not protected is a couple carjacked, raped, murdered and cut up by five black men in Knoxville, Ky. The girl, Channon Christian, was raped for days, mutilated, murdered and thrown out in the garbage. The boy, Christopher Newsom, was tortured, mutilated and left to die in the street. But this was no “hate crime” because the kids were white.

Twenty-five Republicans joined 212 Democrats to pass the bill—all too ignorant or cynical to consider an obvious First Amendment problem.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (ROhio) raised this issue. He said the legislation allows the government to punish “thought crimes.” Read Rep. Ron Paul’s column this week for more on this.


As pressure for “comprehensive immigration reforms” (meaning amnesty)
grows, the propaganda mill is hard at work. On May 7, the Community Health Foundation reported that fewer families enjoy Medicaid services because of a 2006 law requiring beneficiaries to prove they are citizens or legally in this country.

Even illegal aliens receive emergency care—causing a significant increase in “emergency” toothaches—but Medicaid provides routine care to poor people. What was not addressed is the fact that in Mexico, these illegal aliens would have to pay for their care—emergency or otherwise.

(Issue #21, May 21, 2007)

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Updated May 12, 2007