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Invasion USA Coming Our Way

By Mike Blair

During the 1980s, and before Hollywood became so politically correct, movie critics declared the film Red Dawn as an alarmist presentation that would scare the American people. The film depicted an invasion of the United States. Could Red Dawn now be rising?

Jack Wheeler, Ph.D., a onetime adviser on national security matters to President Ronald Reagan and founder of the Freedom Research Foundation, predicts that America, due to the immigration “crisis,” is headed toward another civil war. Wheeler predicts that the demonstrations, although now peaceful, will soon grow more and more violent, until police, and perhaps the military, will find them difficult to control.

The Pew Institute estimates that there are at least 12 million illegal aliens in America, mostly Mexicans. Some sources place estimates at 20 million.

The former Reagan adviser is not the only national security or immigration expert to feel this way.

Michelle Dallacroce, who heads Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, agrees with Wheeler, adding that already Mexicans demonstrating in the United States are proclaiming that America’s southwestern states, including California, “are theirs” and that they will one day get back the territory taken from them in the 1848 Mexican War.

Texas is already more than one-third Hispanic. California has the largest Hispanic population with 2.4 million, and virtually every state in America

has an illegal alien problem. There are an estimated 65,000 illegal aliens in New York City.

One problem that Wheeler and others point to is the fact that no one knows how many of the illegal aliens are “America friendly” and not enemies of the country.

There have been indicators dating back for decades warning that America is heading for big trouble with Mexico.

Congressional investigators found that Chinese arms dealers were caught in 1996 attempting to smuggle into the United States thousands of machine-guns and Chinese-built versions of American shoulder-fired Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

The weapons, which were confiscated by U.S. Customs officials, were headed for Los Angeles street gangs. This shipment of weapons was intercepted, but how many others got by federal agents Along with the millions of illegal aliens?


There have also been reports, published in AFP and elsewhere, that U.S. law enforcement has witnessed what appeared to be “Oriental language-speaking” soldiers accompanying Mexican army troops in incursions across the border into the United States.

The populist former Spotlight newspaper, as well as the Establishment Arizona Republic, reported in series of articles during the summer of 1994 about how North Korean spy ships, flying Mexican flags, were going up and down the Gulf of California, between the Mexican mainland and the Mexican Baja Peninsula, reaching a point as far north as about 50 miles from the U.S. border.

One ship, identified as the Clomax 71, was flying the Mexican flag and docked briefly at Rocky Point on the Mexican mainland side of the northernmost part of the gulf.

The Arizona Republic concluded its story this way:

“Some of the North Koreans aboard the ship, according to intelligence officials, were thought by authorities to be ‘soldiers or commandos’ involved in the training of revolutionaries and terrorists at secret Mexican camps in Baja California and in the mountains near Culiacan, Sinalos, on the mainland side of the southern end of the gulf.”

(Issue #18 & 19, May 1 & 8, 2006)

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Updated May 1, 2006