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New Book Details Threat toWorld from Israeli Nukes

By Mark Glenn

AFP correspondent Michael Collins Piper has just released the first book ever to address the danger the world faces from what he calls “the problem of Israel”—in particular, the existence of Israel’s huge arsenal of atomic weapons of mass destruction.

Mike’s book—200 fact-filled pages, fully 30 dynamic chapters—is entitled The Golem—Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb and the Road to Global Armageddon.

Where does the strange title of the book come from? What is a golem? Why in the world would Piper ever select a title like this? Actually, as you’ll see in a moment, the title is both appropriate and frighteningly profound.

You see, in Jewish lore, a distinguished rabbi magically conjured up out of clay from the earth a brutish creature—the golem—that the rabbi dispatched upon the world to vanquish the enemies of the Jewish people.

According to the legend—which later inspired Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein—the Golem got out of control and proved even a threat to Jewish survival. In fact, a most real (and dangerous) golem exists on our planet today.

Cast out of the element uranium, this Golem is—as Israel’s founding father, David Ben-Gurion, described it—Israel’s “sacred” nuclear weapon, the primary source of trouble in the precarious realm of atomic proliferation.

The nuclear “golem” is the bizarre and dangerous cornerstone of Israel’s national security policy. Development of a nuclear arsenal was the foundation of Israeli policy from the beginning.

In The Golem, Piper examines not only the fanatical nature of this nuclear policy, but also the ongoing danger of political and civil instability in Israel where anti-Christian and anti-Muslim forces are rising to power.

In Israel today the strange and frightening Talmud based legend of the golem remains a much-celebrated force in popular culture, inextricably linked to Israel’s national security mindset and thinking. There is even a popular cartoon strip, featuring a super hero known as “the golem,” who is said to have spawned when an Israeli was exposed to nuclear radiation from Israel’s officially “non-existent” nuclear weapons program. And now this “golem” is on the loose, defending Israel from its enemies.

Piper’s new book is also a comprehensive overview of the role in which Israel and its lobby in America manipulated the United States into the disastrous no-win war in Iraq and how, even today—despite the recent National Intelligence Estimate which says that Iran abandoned its nuclear program in 2003—Israel and its lobby are still pushing the United States into a war against Iran.

No review of this fantastic new work can do it justice. You need to read this—the one book that could help stop Israel from getting the United States—and the world—involved in a horrifying global holocaust .

To get your copy of this new book from Piper—which is flying off the shelves at AFP—send $25 to AFP, 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, #100,Washington, D.C. 20003. For those of you who send $50 or more, Piper will personally inscribe and number your own copy. Include a neatly printed sheet with the text and name you’d like Mike to use on your inscription. For even faster service, call AFP at 1-888-699-NEWS toll free and use Visa or MasterCard.

(Issue #52, December 24, 2007)

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