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Mainstream Mum on Jewish Terror Attack

Paul Fromm, a noted free-speech activist in Canada, was physically assaulted by members of the Jewish Defense League

By Mark Glenn

Paul Fromm, a noted free-speech activist in Canada, was physically assaulted by members of the Jewish Defense League, a group classified by the U.S. government as one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations operating on U.S. soil. Fromm spoke with AFP from his home in Toronto about the event.

On April 19, Fromm—well known to readers of AFP for his work with the Canadian Association for Free Expression—was en route to the College of Teachers where hearings were being conducted in what is now known to be a Zionist-instigated attempt to revoke his teaching certificate. At the center of this inquisition are Fromm’s outspoken views with regard to free speech, immigration and, last but not least, his association with Ernst Zundel, currently serving a five-year prison sentence in Germany for questioning the Holocaust.

Fromm’s troubles began in 1991 when he became the target of a six-year campaign of leaked news stories and harassment by the Canadian Jewish Congress and the League for Human Rights of B’nai B’rith (adjunct of the Anti-Defamation League) to pressure the Peel Board of Education to fire him for his political activities.

Underscoring the vindictive nature of this campaign is the fact that Fromm’s activities took place on his own time and off school property.

By 1997 the various Jewish pressure groups—always lecturing others on issues such as hate, intolerance, censorship etc.—in addition to threatening him with violence, had succeeded in having him fired from his job under charges of “persistent disrespect for multi-cultural and ethno-cultural equity.”
Not content with merely having him fired, now these groups want his teaching certificate revoked so he can’t teach anywhere in Canada.

When Fromm arrived on the morning of April 19 for the hearing, he found 10 JDL thugs waiting there already, waving Israeli flags and other Zionist-oriented placards hypocritically mentioning the word “terrorism” on them.

Once the JDL thugs recognized Fromm, one of them shouted “There he is,” at which point some of them began trailing him.

When Fromm attempted to get onto an elevator filled with office workers three of the thugs forced their way on, as did two uniformed police officers.

Not comfortable being in such close proximity with individuals noted for their violent tactics, Fromm attempted to step off the elevator before the doors closed. When he tried stepping off, one man grabbed Fromm and growled at him, with the two uniformed Toronto police officers present,

“You’re not going anywhere. You’re going with us” in what was an obvious threat to kidnap him. He then grabbed Fromm by the throat and started choking him. One of the policemen intervened and attempted to pull the JDL thug off Fromm. The moment the elevator doors opened the fight poured out into the lobby, allowing Fromm to escape, at which point the police were fist-fighting with JDL operatives who served up a stew of vulgar shouts and four-letter words that for obvious reasons of decorum cannot be reprinted here.

At the end of it one officer was slightly injured, and the JDL assailants were arrested by Toronto Metro Police and charged with not only assaulting Fromm and the police officers but also with obstruction of police duties.

Fromm is talking with a lawyer over the possibility of adding attempted kidnapping charges. Since that time Fromm has received harassing phone calls to his home. The incident has received scant coverage in the press, which is careful not to paint the Jewish lobby in Canada unfavorably. The coverage it has received has been slanted and skewed to where it has been characterized as a “confrontation with activists” rather than as an assault by known terrorists.

The hearings into Fromm’s teaching career continue on May 1. Fromm has demanded that the same college requiring his presence at the hearings assure that the safety of his person is provided to prevent a recurrence of the recent events.

In pursuance of revoking his teaching certificate, Fromm is accused of “unbecoming conduct.” During his 24-year teaching career as an English instructor, Fromm had been hailed by Robert Lee, director of education in Peel, Ontario, as “an exemplary teacher” and repeatedly received high commendations on his work.

Fromm’s statement to AFP is unequivocal: “Zionist terrorism has got to stop. Whether it is assassinating Arab leaders in the West Bank and elsewhere, or assaulting and intimidating supporters of free speech, it has to be resisted if civilized society is to prevail.”

This attack comes on the heels of the burning of anti- Zionist Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss’s synagogue in New York City. Folks, the JDL is dangerous and active.

(Issue #19, May 7, 2007)

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Updated April 26, 2007