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Is the Devil in Him?


By Thomas L. McFadden

John Hagee, the megachurch televangelist, is approaching the Washington, D.C. area again, ready to land in his private jet on July 20. An army of politicians and wide-eyed believers will follow this professed “man of God” who outdoes, in a sinister way, televangelists Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell combined. Although Falwell did receive a Lear jet from the Israeli government in 1979, he never had an 8,000-acre luxury ranch loaded with mansions, hotels, barns and a private landing strip. But Hagee, the “corpulent con man,” as he is popularly known, does.

This Texas pirate is running a large number of organizations all geared toward spreading the word of the coming rapture and promoting war for Israel.

Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and John Hagee Ministries telecast his national radio and television ministry, carried in America on 160 TV stations, 50 radio stations and eight networks and are heard or seen weekly in 99 million homes. He is the founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI).

Hagee spreads misery, destruction and greed wherever his Lear jet lands. He is pumping part of the cash he fleeces from the flock into the illegal settlements in the counterfeit state of Israel, while the child murderers there are aiming to dispose of the remainder of the Christians and Muslims in Palestinian villages with phosphorous bombs received free from America.

Regardless, just like for food, obese Hagee has a bottomless appetite for dead American kids as well, endlessly pushing for a war on Iran to satisfy his Zionist masters and strange followers who jump up and down like so many steroid-loaded basketball players waving their Israeli flags while the cash is collected. He is burning both ends of the candle manufacturing “moral support” for the endless flow of limbless and lifeless bodies that are flown and wheeled back to America to their parents from Iraq and Afghanistan.

But this is not enough for Hagee. At the last Washington conference he said: “[I]t is time for America to embrace the words of Sen. Joseph Lieberman and consider a military pre-emptive strike against Iran to prevent a nuclear holocaust in Israel.” Actually jetsetter Hagee and his gang were lobbying Congress for the territorial expansion of Israel and a genocidal American nuclear strike on Iran. These well-financed people seem to be living from holocaust to holocaust just for the excitement of it.


His group made a single donation of $9 million to Israel in December 2009 in the presence of no less a con man than Elie Wiesel. Hagee is in the ancient “the-end-of-the-world-is-coming-so-give-me-your-valuables” business. The private conversation in the conference halls is about good little Jews accepting Jesus Christ (instead of spitting on His servants) and all going home to Israel and the rapture and the angels with the trumpets and all the trimmings.

He claims to believe there are “10 biblical signs” verifying that the end is near and that we have to hand our assets all over to the state of Israel. The stated hope in the minds of the reverend and his followers is: If they support Israel, they actually promote the possibility of the Second Coming. Israel is viewed by them as a useful tool for achieving Armageddon and the killing of 2 billion of the world’s people—except, of course, Hagee and his demented followers.

In reality, we are looking at an Israel-controlled scam for the rationalization of war after war for the Middle Eastern mini-state.

Hagee organizes around 30 meetings a month, and the creme de la scum is following him on the gravy train. Already in 2001 he gave himself a $1.2 million salary, but that was actually one of those lean years. By now his personal wealth is estimated at around $25 million, and he draws in, via his numerous businesses, around $25 million more per year. Hagee does better than a Goldman Sachs partner. The organization is saturated with “Christian” Jews—false flag operatives—like Nick Israel, campus coordinator, and Kara Silverman, public relations agent, and surrounded by an army of useful and well-paid activists and U.S. politicians like Lieberman, former Sen. Rick Santorum and former Rep. Tom “Rapture Ready” DeLay from the Coalition for a Conservative Majority all wanting to hand over America to their Israeli friends since the end is so near—a very touching story.

Also hanging around is Dore Gold, former Israeli ambassador to the U.S.
Hagee, at the July 2007 Washington conference of CUFI, actually stated that Christians should “support the Jewish people and the state of Israel today, tomorrow and forever until the Messiah comes.”

This is a considerable, perhaps infinite, expenditure if we add up the direct and indirect U.S. spending for Israel, plus the cost of the wars we fight for it.

Hagee is also a frequent guest of Israel. Hemet Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu just recently, a day before Vice President Joe Biden arrived and was humiliated by the Israeli leader.

Hagee also receives extraordinary coverage from the U.S. media, publicity that could not be purchased for tens of millions of dollars. He even appeared as a guest writer for The Washington Post in January 2009 under the title: “My Hopes and Concerns for Obama.”

This is a major PR drive to extend the useful life of the “Holocaust” and to serve the Zionist agenda in the United States. There are hundreds of millions of dollars donated by these Israel-worshippers.

How long can this trip for Hagee go on? As long as he serves Israel, no IRS agent will touch the wheels on his jet. His plane will be safely flown and serviced by the Israeli crew.

Should something go wrong with the operation, a 9.5 magnitude earthquake will be engineered for his psychopathic empire, and the golden walls will be crashing down on his degenerated behind just like they did on Jim Bakker so many years ago. Some already speculate that Hagee might end up like Bakker once he becomes useless for his Israeli handlers. The reader can be confident that the Israelis have the goods on Hagee, just in case.

There must be a few hundred people in this country who will stand with their signs in every city where Hagee shows up. And these signs should clearly state that Hagee is a child of the devil and should visit his father soon.

Hagee will be in Washington D.C. July 20-22 (Tuesday through Thursday), 2010.

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(Issue # 20, May 19, 2010)

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