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McVeigh’s Friend Ready to Go Public On OKC Conspiracy

McVeigh’s Friend Ready to Go Public On OKC Conspiracy

By Richard V. London


Impending testimony in the Oklahoma state trial of accused and federally convicted Oklahoma City bombing co-conspirator Terry Nichols could blow the lid off the long-simmering FBI and Justice Department cover-up of the actual facts about the tragic federal building bombing.

Although the Justice Department hopes to discredit Nichols defense witness David Paul Hammer, a convicted murderer who faces execution on June 8, Hammer has been saying for a long time that Timothy McVeigh told him—while the two were serving on death row together in federal prison prior to McVeigh’s execution—that there were others above and beyond McVeigh and Nichols involved in the Oklahoma bombing conspiracy.

In particular, Hammer’s testimony (if it reflects his past private statements) could point to the role of a covert federal undercover informant, former German army intelligence officer, Andreas Strassmeir, in matters surrounding the tragedy.

Strassmeir’s close friend and attorney, Kirk Lyons, is undoubtedly watching the unfolding events, having proclaimed that Strassmeir is a victim of “conspiracy theories”—a theme echoed by the major media and by Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who is now known to have had an informant, probably Strassmeir, with foreknowledge of the OK bomb conspiracy.

Several years ago, Hammer contacted Michael Collins Piper, a correspondent for the now-defunct Spotlight newspaper, and provided Piper, in a handwritten letter, with inside information about the Oklahoma bombing affair relayed to Hammer by McVeigh.

At the time, Spotlight editors concluded that Hammer was acting as a conduit for McVeigh, who evidently filled Hammer in on many details, confirming much of what The Spotlight had reported on the affair.

McVeigh also sent a cryptic letter to Piper from death row, indirectly hinting that The Spotlight’s reportage was on the mark. Although McVeigh later publicly took sole claim for the crime, his story was full of holes and few with serious knowledge of the Oklahoma affair believed what he had to say.

Hammer told Piper that reputed federal undercover informant Strassmeir was closely involved with McVeigh in events related to the bombing conspiracy, evidently manipulating McVeigh—a point that McVeigh himself only came to recognize after the bombing.

Hammer’s testimony is expected to focus exclusively on the question of whether Nichols actively assisted in the preparation of a bomb that the federal authorities claim was the exclusive cause of the damage and loss of life at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

However, Hammer’s entire story—as related to The Spotlight’s correspondent—casts a stark new light on what really happened, lending strong credence to the growing body of opinion that there was much more at work in Oklahoma City than the federal government would have Americans believe.

In fact—although this is not reported in the national media—it is an open secret in Oklahoma City that there was, at the very least, foreknowledge by government and law enforcement officials that there was an active conspiracy to place a bomb outside the Murrah building by an organized group of individuals, but whether this bomb was supposed to explode is an unsolved mystery.

For example, many Oklahoma City residents are painfully aware that two law enforcement officials have alleged that U.S. Rep. Ernest Istook (R-Okla.) admitted to them, in a hurried, emotionally charged private conversation that it was known there was a bomb conspiracy under way and that the responsible authorities had failed to prevent it.

In addition, there are those who believe that outside forces with their own agenda may have manipulated this conspiracy and made certain that the bombing took place, perhaps with the intent of placing the blame on Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein for the purpose of stoking up American opposition to the Arab strongman.

In truth, there is evidence that McVeigh was associated with at least one Iraqi national in Oklahoma City, but many have concluded that this was part of a deliberate “false flag” operation designed to “link” Saddam to the bombing as an early scheme to inflame American opinion against the Iraqi leader, similar to later false claims by the “Dubya” Bush administration that Saddam was behind the 9-11 attacks.

The historical record shows that immediately after the Oklahoma bombing, a known Israeli intelligence operative, William Northrup, moved about Oklahoma City encouraging the belief that “the Arabs”—in particular, Saddam—were the grand wizards behind McVeigh.

Some believe the maneuvers by federal law enforcement officials to cover up the purported “Iraqi link” to the bombing were actually sensible efforts to prevent covert instigators from succeeding in their campaign to incite an American military retaliation against Iraq, which had no involvement in the Oklahoma bombing.

However, as a consequence of those attempts to erase the deliberately orchestrated false evidence linking Iraq to the crime, more doubts were raised about what really happened that tragic day. Still, on a broad range of matters, it is clear the FBI and the Justice Department have suppressed evidence relating to the bombing, above and beyond the Iraqi connection.

While some Oklahoma bombing survivors were convinced of an Iraqi involvement and lent their names to various efforts to bring the supposed Iraqi connection to light, they received virtually no publicity until days be fore the U.S. invasion of Iraq in the spring of 2003, when a variety of longtime pro-Israel propagandists in the American media suddenly began hyping “the Iraqi link to the Oklahoma bombing.”

Despite all of this, the most apparent concern by the federal authorities has been to refute the idea that Strassmeir had any connection to McVeigh’s activities vis--vis the subsequent bombing.

A former German military intelligence officer who is fluent in Hebrew, the state language of Israel, Strassmeir postured as a “neo-nazi” while—at the same time—easily moving in quite respectable U.S. military and intelligence circles, all the while closely guided by his friend and attorney Kirk Lyons, who helped make Strassmeir’s journey to the U.S. possible.

Wide-ranging evidence over the past several years has convinced many that Strassmeir was—as The Spotlight first suggested—an undercover informant for some intelligence agency and that he was actively involved in manipulating McVeigh. The original communication from David Paul Hammer to Michael Collins Piper—apparently acting indirectly on behalf of Timothy McVeigh—intimated as much.

What Hammer ultimately says under oath remains to be seen—and what the prosecutors will do to muzzle the death-row inmate also has yet to be told. However, it’s now clear that the “official” version of what really happened in Oklahoma City is anything but the truth.