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Bush White House Gives Extra Punch To Mexican Navy

By Mike Blair

The Pentagon has quietly transferred two large U.S. Navy amphibious transport ships to the Mexican navy, which could be used to smuggle drugs and immigrants into the United States, prompting some military analysts to wonder what is going through the minds of America’s leaders.

“I cannot understand why the Mexican navy is in need of two large ships capable of together transporting nearly 2,000 well-armed combat troops,” a retired U.S. naval officer told American Free Press.

The Bush administration claims that, since Mexico does not have many sheltered ports along its coast, the ships will be of benefit to the country in reacting to natural disasters and for coastal patrol.

One analyst wondered if the White House might be planning to stage some large roundups of illegal aliens and to use the ships to transport them back to Mexico.

On the other hand, the Mexican government “could use the ships to move along the U.S. West Coast and the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to slip more illegals into the United States,” he warned.

Reports from U.S. law enforcement that Mexican soldiers have been seen helping drug and immigrant traffickers should be taken into account when the U.S. government decides to sell military vehicles and weapons to Mexico.

(Issue #43, October 23, 2006)

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Updated October 15, 2006